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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


There were many bus changes this year.
However, I think I am up and current on enough bus information to make this a viable blog again.
Don't hesitate to make comments that ask questions or correct errors.
I hope this is a helpful guide to using the current bus system in Vegas.
The usual tourist routes were not changed with the new change of service.
However, there is a proposal for radical rate changes, probably not to come in to effect until September 2012.  Near that time, check to see what is current.  I'll post what I know when I know it.


  1. Im a little surprised on their new system, i think it will work just like the old one.

  2. Hi Dewey!
    I am planning on a trip to Vegas in October. I am planning on buying a 15 day pass. Will that pass be good on the Strip buses and express buses - like in the past? Thanks for all your help and for the great advice you share!

  3. I have no knowledge of anything in October. Sorry. No 15 day pass has as yet been implemented. See what happens next month, if anything.


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