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Monday, December 9, 2013

An Overview of the 15 day pass advantages

The fifteen day pass is all access for tourists as well as locals. The 24 residential passes are good for the SDX and Deuce for locals only with local ID.

Since the long term passes are primarily intended to serve the local community, and the RTC wants to get all the tourist dollars they can manage, they keep the passes out of the on strip Walgreen stores. They are not in the machines along the strip.
Most of us buy them at the BTC or at the downtown Walgreen's. Other locations are listed here.

Some take the 109 to Maryland and Flamingo and get them there. I have not done that. I think Albertson's is the place. It is good to call these vendors and ask if they sell the passes before you show up to buy one. Once in a while they run out and vendors change.

Some take the 201 to one stop West of the Orleans where a Walgreen's sells a reduced fare pass.

Some take the 109 from the airport to the South Street Transfer Terminal where we can buy a pass from a machine and get senior rate with the RTC ID. If you are staying on the South end of the strip, this is a good plan as long as you don't have large luggage and come at busy times when exiting the SDX is like swimming upstream against those pushing to get in.

However, board friend Keno found that the machine was not working.  Luckily, a person there asked a driver for an unused 24 hour pass and he used that to get from SSTT to his hotel.

Folks over 60 can get a half priced 15 day all access pass. Photo ID's are issued by the BTC during daytime hours and take just a few minutes. They are good for five years.
I think folks over 65 can show a Medicare card for proof of age. I have not done that. I always get the ID. To buy a pass from a machine like those at SSTT, and get senior rate, you need the RTC ID. There are no people working at the SSTT anymore. The BTC is staffed. I like buying the pass from a person better than trying to figure out the machines.
Staying downtown is advantageous with these passes because so many routes run from there. With the unlimited pass we can ride the strip buses, or use the WAX to avoid strip traffic and get dropped at Tropicana, or use the CX to avoid strip traffic and be dropped at Spring Mt, or go to the university, or go out Boulder Highway to any casino along that road, or plan a trip to Sunset Station or Fiesta Henderson, or head out to Texas Station and Fiesta Rancho, or ride to Suncoast. It just takes a bit of time to plan and figure out the routes and the schedules.

Here is a good place to start planning

Then linking up the RTC routes with the free shuttles offered in Vegas can eliminate much of the walking or traffic. Riding the SDX is generally faster and less crowded than riding the Deuce and these free shuttles can get you from an SDX stop to other locations.

Here is a good place to check those free shuttle routes and schedules and rules:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just returned from Vegas

Walgreen's still sells 15 and 30 day all access passes, including senior discounts.  My 15 day was just under $18.

I had a good time in Vegas and rode buses often on my 15 day senior reduced bus pass.

The upscale week of my trip was all with cabs.  I learned that it is under $10 before tip  to get from the Orleans to the Aria.  That seemed really reasonable, and it was very quick.  In some cases, especially when four people are involved, cabs are cheaper than buses. 

However, Elizabeth and I cabbed from the airport to the Orleans.  It was more than I expected.  About $24 with tip.  I remembered to ask for no tunnel, but the fellow did drive leisurely and the lights along Tropicana were all red. 
He was milking us.

This confirms my bus intentions for solo.  It would have cost me just two dollars by bus, but at least a half hour and perhaps an hour more in travel time.
Elizabeth is not riding the buses.


I never took the ride I planned on the HDX to Sunset Station or Fiesta Henderson.  Perhaps I'll do it next time.  One bus driver told me that I should just get the HDX at the BTC, but I am unsure whether he meant just during the Life is Beautiful or always..

I've decided that the best advice to give tourists  downtown is to have them go to the BTC for either of these buses, simply because it is simple and unlikely to be changed.  In front of Binions is a bus stop that serves the SDX, the WAX, the CX and DVX and each one of these buses goes to the BTC fairly quickly from that location. 

Be careful to get off at the BTC as overshooting with some of the buses will put you a long way from where you want to be.
Then at the BTC the bay for the BHX is just inside the wall and there is shade to be found and seats and even a bathroom if you have time. 
I did.
So even though it backtracks the path of the bus, it may just be the most practical and easy for tourists who want to go up Boulder.
Sam's Town has a free shuttle as well.  I have not taken it and did not have times written down.
If you don't mind the old Western Casino neighborhood and are up at the El Cortez, then you can walk up  to catch the BHX there and save some time, but sometimes your bus stop companions may be a bit seedy. 
Going to the BTC puts you out of any bus stop issues.  You will find seedy characters on the bus, but there is an accessible driver now and for one of my trips there was a security guard so less difficulties for those of you uncomfortable with the lower middle class folks.


I used the WAX from this same Binions spot on the weekends to offset the strip traffic.  It comes every hour, but was predictable with one glance at the schedule posted at the stop.  the times I was going the bus came 26 minutes after the hour so that was very easy.  It is a simple ride to Tropicana.

They will not tell you that at the stop.  The RTC guides posted at the Binions stop particularly stress that the bus goes to the airport and not to the strip. 
I said as I boarded that that seemed untrue, and the bus driver first said that he had worked that corner and that to say it would be a strip bus for some opened it up to a million questions. 
That did not make much sense since those folks at the Binions stop answer questions all the time and shout out loud instructions.  How hard would it be once an hour to announce that the coming bus would go to Tropicana, NYNY, MGM, and Excalibur?
Then he said that the bus company wanted to keep that WAX from getting overcrowded so there was always room for passengers and their luggage.  That made more sense, but it was still disingenuous.  I wish that we could always get accurate, consistent, and complete information from the RTC.  If their time studies show the WAX is crowding up, maybe it could run every half hour.
On Friday and Saturday nights It was a real advantage to take the WAX and just walk from Tropicana to wherever I wanted to go.  It is a shame the bus company can't find a way to explain that to people. 

I was surprised that the nights I took the Deuce home from the Venetian there was no real crowd. This was not my experience last trip from that stop.
Once, after going to the Orleans and catching the SDX just North of MGM to go up to Riviera, I was not allowed entry on the first and fullest bus, but another came just a few minutes afterwards and it was not crowded.  Bumper to bumper traffic made it a long journey to the Riviera but it was not so bad.  I had  a seat.
I also had a good travel companion.
When I had asked the WAX driver whether to walk North or South for the SDX (lots of construction around there now and I wanted to be sure) this Vietnamese woman said I should just follow her as she was going in that direction.
She had recently moved from LA to Vegas with her three children.  Friends and family worried she would not do well, but she had a job at Home Depot, a 3 bedroom apartment that cost half the price of a one bedroom, and good daycare for the younger kids, some of that free at school.  She was very happy and would bring her mother out the next month.  She was happy too to have escaped a drug using husband.

There were so many changes this trip, especially in the BHX and HDX stops out of downtown.  Apparently the HDX can only be caught at the BTC or at the Outlet Mall as it gets right on 15.  And yet I saw a stop mentioned downtown at Ogden and Fourth.    This many have been a change only to accommodate the Life is Beautiful Festival.

Life is Beautiful; Not for bus riders
That was the concensus among locals forced out of their routine by this festival.  Buses were detoured.  Stops were closed.  It was really a nightmare and the routes were changed well before the festival started. 
To ride the bus up to Sam's Town I had to walk to Maryland from the stop at the old Western.  I was happy it was early in the morning.  Coming home, a guard on the bus suggested I get off at Maryland, but I opted out of that.  I was dropped at 3rd and Carson out of that risky neighborhood between the Western and Maryland.  I suggest that if you are staying at the El Cortez, you don't ask where the closest bus drop off is located.  Ask for the closest to the Fremont Experience and walk from there.  That is the safest, but the bus drivers and guards and locals will think that the physically closest stop to the El Cortez is the ideal suggestion.
I was stupid not to have gone for the Sam's Town shuttle bus going out, but I did not bring the schedule, and I was at the El Cortez.  The free shuttle  is faster than the BHX, but it only comes every hour and twenty minutes so wait time can erode the benefit. It is free, but that is a moot point for me as I have an unlimited pass. 

Coming back, I left from Eastside Cannery so the BHX was convenient and I took it again rather than walk to Sam's Town.

Sam's Town prints a fine little booklet with all that information.  I just had not put one in my pocket this trip.

The BHX bus is much different.  Those old user UNfriendly ticket machines are gone as well as 3 door boarding.  They board only from the front where there is a driver to ask questions.  Security hops on and off at random.  I like it better as the BHX does collect from the lowest economic class and always there are some rather unusual folks riding.  I like it that the driver is not all tucked away in his little cave.
I miss the HDX stopping at Sam's Town.  That has changed a 16 minute ride into a 45 minute ride.
I talked a long while with a security guard on the BHX and the driver there knew the routes. My morning driver had not been able to answer my questions, and did not read his electronic map well.

I rode the BHX back from Sam's Town on Halloween.  There were a few costumes on the bus.  A young guy from Denver was on his way to the Greyhound station, and I suggested to him that he walk there without getting bogged down with his luggage in the Fremont Experience crowds.  They were very thick on Halloween.  I should have taken my own advice and gone a back route to the Golden Nugget for a late buffet.


After the upscale week of my trip, I rode to the ariport with my wife in a cab.  From Departures I crossed the street to Baggage and found Ground Zero.
I just missed the bus from the airport by 6 minutes and had to wait the rest of the hour.  For the wait, I was prepared with a book, Francine Prose's Blue Angel (which has nothing to do with the Vegas Blue Angel) and the jumble letter puzzle from that morning's paper,  so the bench on a pleasant day kept me well entertained.  There was a long stream of 109 buses.  If I had not had the large suitcase, I might have taken one of those, but the WAX is so comfortable with luggage and such a fast ride that it is generally worth the wait.


I hopped on the SDX at Paris and sat in the seats facing the exit.  To my right were three girls who had been attracted by the Life is Beautiful Festival.  One was from Scotland and her accent was a delight.  Another sang songs and overacted the stage moves.  She was both funny and entertaining.  In front of them sat Mickey, a light skinned Black fellow with a huge frizzy Afro and carrying a backpack.
On came two from Washington state who had been married just 3 hours ago.  Both had T shirts with glittering "Bride" on one and "Groom" on the other. They were a bit of an odd couple, not classic beauties,  probably in their forties, short, with unusual faces.
He was in old jeans.  Both were delighted with each other and the day and the trip.  They were fun to watch.  At one point he turned to her and said, "Isn't this just a fun trip?"
Their joy touched me.
They had been together for two years and finally decided to marry.
Mickey gave them his seat, so they could sit together, and the Scottish girl with friends got wind of the circumstances,  so a fuss was made and photos needed to be taken. 
And "Going to the Chapel and We're Going to Get Married" had to be sung with stage moves acted by the one girl. 
Mickey moved back to sit by the Scottish girl and they both had a fine conversation.  He was not trying to hit on her, just be friendly. 
He had a backpack with what he called "bootleg" beer; it was Bud in a can that he sold on the strip for $2. 
The Scottish girl bought two cans, opened them and passed them up to the married couple to help them celebrate.
It was a reception of sorts with this motley collection of folks from all over,  all delighted to celebrate a wedding. 
I loved it.  I stayed quiet and just enjoyed the conversation, all the fuss and laughter and joking. 
I felt once again old. 
This entire crowd at the Life is Beautiful Festival has made me feel old.
Mickey was off at an early stop  to go home and watch "The Good Wife."
The rest of us were off near the Fremont Experience, at a stop on Carson, probably a detour and part of Festival changes.

Like the poker table, the strip buses give us an opportunity to meet, enjoy and interact with people from all over the world.  Many of them are out on a lark of some sort, happy and celebrating.  For me, that interaction is a large part of the trip.  I can't go everywhere in the world;  in Vegas, small appetizing bits of the World come to me.

Interesting Strangers

met many interesting strangers while traveling around.  I was unsure of where to catch the SDX after being dropped off at the Tropicana by the 201 from the Orleans.  Wild Bill thought I should go South.  I thought I should go North, but there was all this construction.  I asked the driver and she sent me North.  As I excited a woman I think was Vietnamese said, "Just follow me;  I'm going to that stop." and so we struck up a conversation that lasted all the way to the Riviera.
She had lived in LA with her three boys in a tiny apartment that cost $1100 a month.  She worked minimum wage jobs so all her money was going into rent.  Her drug addicted husband was constant trouble in spite of being separated and she had a mother to care for as well.
She decided to go to Las Vegas and see if she could make it.  And she was thrilled to be a success.  She works at a Home Depot and has managed a three bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood for half of what her tiny place cost in LA. 
Her boys get free after school child care.  Soon she will bring her mother too.  And the husband seems much farther away. She was happy and proud.

On the SDX one other time going downtown there were three girls who were lively and having a good time.  One was from Scotland.  One was singing songs and doing the facial and hand gestures of a stage presentation. 
A tall Black man with a huge Afro and a backpack sat in front of them, but when a couple came on the bus and looked for seats, he offered his and moved to sit next to the Scottish girls.  That started a very interesting conversation in which each told parts of their lives.  He was not hitting on them, but going home to watch "The Good Wife" on television. 
It seems he sells bootleg beer from his bag on the strip and so they bought a couple cans at $2 each.
The couple that entered wore black T shirts that said bride and groom.  They were not beautiful people, but short and quirky looking, but they were beautifully happy.  Three house ago they had gotten married after being together a few years and they were in love and finding the celebration a great deal of fun.  A few wedding guests were in the front of the bus.  I loved the idea of getting married and then taking the bus.

Once the girls discovered all of this, they were very excited and got up to take pictures.  They popped open the beers and gave them to the newly married couples and it was laughter and smiles all around. 

I could see it all easily from my side seat in the SDX. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boulder Station to Fashion Mall via 203

This route takes about 40 minutes.  With the end of the HDX, it is great to learn some new routes along Boulder Highway that go to the strip.  I could see going to Boulder Station for an inexpensive buffet and then back to the strip for some poker.

Here is the source of the information

Monday, September 23, 2013

Laughlin for a day for $5

This company is still having the one day $5 trips to Laughlin.  Call and ask about a reservation and place of pickup.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trip from downtown to Sam's Town now over 40 minutes but Fiesta Henderson closer

It is a much better deal now to grab the Sam's Town free shuttle at California.  That trip is just 25 minutes.  The HDX no longer stops at Nellis and the BHX is longer, with more stops and starts, and a pretty tough clientel as well.
However, the HDX can get us to Fiesta Henderson in a little over a half hour now.  That opens up the possibility of staying or playing there for part of a long trip. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Proof of being senior

Reports are that just showing a driver's license is enough to prove age and get a reduced fare.  Medicare cards are posted as enough proof.  Perhaps it is not necessary to get a photo ID anymore.

Bus bits from my trip in April/May


Coming from mid strip to the Four Queens on the SDX I missed my downtown stop because I was talking too much.  I easily got off at the Outlets and crossed the street for another bus that took me to the Binions stop.



After BoyzIIMen at the Mirage I was going to play Mirage poker until late, but I was on a list a long time and it did not look like anyone was leaving nor were they going to start a new game.  Also I watched the game and it was not exceptionally soft. 

So I walked to Venetian. 

I should have gone in and played poker for a while there to let late night Friday night bus traffic ease, but I thought I’d manage.  I saw a Deuce go by as I walked, and when I got to the stop there were two people ahead of me.  We watched 3 SDX pass us with uncrowded loads before another Deuce finally came.  By then there were too many people gathered at the stop to fit on the bus.

At the Venetian regular riders know that instead of standing right at the sign, we stand a bit farther North as that is where the bus door will open.  So I did that and got on the bus.  It was crowded and the driver was stressed with trying to make people move back and hurrying them as they left, threatening to close the door.  It is the kind of bus ride that is unpleasant.  Of course, I just went upstairs, found a seat, and rode along, but when it is possible, go to an SDX site. 

At any other time I might have walked to get the SDX, but my feet have been blistering and I had worn my sneakers rather than the odd slipper shoes I bought to free up the toes so I just had to wait. 

I was smart enough, however, to get off at Casino Center and Carson to walk up the 4 Queens, and so be without the crowd of Fremont exploring folks who would all get off at the last stop.

To exit from upstairs simply follow the stops and when the bus stops for the stop directly before your stop, be the last one to descend the stairwell with those getting off.  Then you have done the stairs while the bus is not moving and you are right there and ready to get off first at the next stop.



It took me three tries to figure this out because I came unprepared with the latest changes. 
Once I just got on the SDX at Binions, went to the BTC and then switched to the HDX there.
An awful waste of time.
There is a redirection paper sign over on Ogden  at the regular stop across from the new Downtown Grand,  but it was hard to see and ripped in half by some angry bus patron, so that the Carson Street stop is almost impossible to read.

To get the HDX or BHX out of downtown (at least temporarily) go to the D pool corner (Carson and 4th) and kitty corner to the pool,  and down the block a bit South  on Carson is the pickup, marked by a cheezy yellow paper sign.

There is no shelter so it can get hot. It runs about every 20 minutes but it is best to have a schedule in your pocket and go five minutes early rather than wait longer. Guys waited and watched from the shade of the Fremont parking garage and then jay walked across the street. This is a bad idea. Every time I go to Vegas,  locals tell me about jay walking fines, and they are pretty hefty. This trip I found out that if you step off the curb and look down the road to see if the bus is coming, you can be fined for, "intended jaywalking." Because you might not have time to stay on the shady side of the street, see the bus coming and cross Carson with the light, I'd recommend waiting for the bus right at the stop.

If you are at the stop and look over at the D, you will see above the pool the huge poster of legs and high heels. Then directly across the street from you,  on the parking garage,  is a sign that says, "to Fremont parking".
Remember this stop is only temporary and once the construction is done on Ogden I expect the stop will go back to right across from the Downtown Grand (old Lady Luck) where it was permanently moved last year from across directly the street from the Gold Spike.

You can also catch the BHX up near the Western, but I don't much like being up there in that neighborhood.The dropoff on the way back to downtown is in the same spot, between the Gold Spike and the Cabana rooms.
Coming back from Sam's Town you can catch the HDX at Nellis. Or you can catch the BHX right in front of the Eastside Cannery and then switch at Nellis or walk to Nellis in the first place. The HDX is a lot faster, less crowded, and with fewer down- and- out folks riding.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reflections on buses and overcrowding

I think these reflections are worth saving here.
They were in response to this discussion of buses.

My busiest bus ride in my last trip, which was last year, came when I decided to grab my 30 day pass ($32.50 senior rate) at the SSTT by taking the 109 from the airport. My first casino of the trip was Quad (Imperial Palace). I had no trouble getting at seat at the SSTT, but getting off at Paris was a real struggle with my overly large and overly heavy suitcase. The SDX was packed and more wanted to enter where I wanted to exit. If I did that again, I'd take the Deuce. It would be a longer ride, but getting on it first could get me one of those seats facing the exit doors, with room for the suitcase and a much easier exit since everyone would just be going out that exit.
Or were I to start a trip again with strip rooms (highly unlikely now that everything, even comps, have resort fees) I would take the 109 North to Flamingo, buy an all access pass in one of the places near Maryland and Flamingo, and then take Flamingo to the strip.

My next trip I'll start with bookings downtown, since the WAX is never crowded and a quick, cheap ride and the Walgreen's there is a good source of my 30 day all access pass, a fine value for a trip of 25 days.

Routes that are uncrowded are WAX, Centennial Express, Flamingo, Tropicana, and the new Boulder highway buses. That being said, if time is a great factor some of these can be long rides and we do have to pay attention to when buses run and when they don't.
I appreciate where Bigdogmom felt it was too long a ride to Boulder Highway along Flamingo.
From downtown now on the HDX it is just 16 minutes (give or take a few) to get to Sam's town from across the street at the Gold Spike. There is only one other stop, at Sahara, along the way. The BHX takes longer and stops often.
I like that HDXroute going out, but late at night it takes longer going back along Boulder. I am more apt to make a different plan, perhaps walk from Sam's Town to the Eastside Cannery and form their parking lot take the Flamingo bus to the strip, play poker until early morning and then take an uncrowded Deuce back to downtown.
Or I might ride up to Tropicana and take the 201 to the Orleans for Big Al's comedy, then the shuttle back to the strip for late night poker and an early morning Deuce ride back downtown.
I avoid strip buses when I can accessing from the residential routes, walking, using that free tram from Bellagio to Monte Carlo. There is another that goes from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay. And when it is inconvenient to go residential routes, early in the morning, then the strip buses are uncrowded.
Making loops seems the most effective plan for my needs, integrating the bus with those free shuttles.
I do think that having more time than money makes buses the better option than being in a hurry and worried about wasting time.
Actually, the best users of the bus I know are a couple from Scotland who come for a couple weeks and ride all over the place on all access senior passes, using American Casino Guide 2 for 1 coupons to eat cheaply at the outlying casinos, and playing penny slots (for just a few pennies) for gambling pleasure. It is amazing to me to see the value they get out of these all access bus passes. However, I think that they are good frugal travelers, have a good long stay (Usually at the Stratosphere which is another great place to catch buses) and perhaps a different attitude toward public transportation than Americans.
See one of those trip reports here:


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bus and Frugal TR

This is a year old but I'm just finding it.  The author tipped me off.  It is a great model of frugal Vegas travel using the bus system.  These folks are from Scotland.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bus pass places


The 15 day passes are available at the Walgreen’s in downtown Vegas.
Also here:
1300 E. Flamingo Rd.

This is just East of Maryland and near the library.

Also passes are available at the Walgreen's just one stop West on the 201 from the Orleans.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Trip n the 113

I have not taken this bus into North Vegas since I went to the library along that route to see Jean Scott in 2006 and hear her talk.

It would present some adventures

Old Mormon Settlement
Washington Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Take the 113 North from 4th and Carson and get off at the State Building
Along the way is a library, and the neon museum

For this one get off at Las Vegas Blvd and Cashman

Jerry’s Nugget can be accessed on the 113 too, but the MAX will also make it there. Both can be caught on 4th and Carson. Get off at Tonopah.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tropicana and Maryland Laundromat

Thanks to board member and friend Pebbles for this laundromat located perfectly along Tropicana for those staying near that part of the strip or for those who want to access this from downtown Using the WAX

This is a nice, safe neighborhood and that is the hardest thing to find when trying to do laundry in Vegas.
And they have free wifi

Cora's Coin Laundromat
1097 E Tropicana Avenue,
at S Maryland Parkway,
University District
Area East of the Strip
Transport Bus 109, 201.

Naturally, there would be one convenient for the college kids.
From that spot it is just a ten minute walk to
Pinball Hall of Fame
1610 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89119

It is a 5 minute walk to:
Crown & Anchor British Pub
1350 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89119

a British Pub where $20 of VP play will get you a free lunch with beer. Nice Shepard's pie.

This trip to launder could also be combined from downtown with a trip to the UNLV campus.  I could take the WAX and then the 201 or I could take the Centennial express from 4th and Carson and it would drop me at Del Mar and Maryland, fight at the campus.  From there it is just a 10 minute walk to the laundromat and I'm betting with a decent campus map, that ten minutes could be mostly through the campus itself, seeing he desert gardens.

Coming back on the Centennial express always confuses me, but the stop is there somewhere.  However, coming back I might just like riding in to the strip and getting the WAX to downtown just because I don't really know the stop for pickup by the campus.  On my trip out I'd ask the driver to show me the stop for getting back.   Anyone ever ridden that one?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sam's town tidbits

Since so much that I have to say about Sam's Town is about buses, I'll repost this here

* great VP including full pay deuces and 10/7 DB.
* American Casino guide coupon gets a free buffet with 200 points of play once a year.
* Sam's is one of the few places left with Silver Strike machines although the new coins are not made of real silver.
* Boyd card means points earned here can be used at Orleans, Gold Coast, etc. and vise versa.
* Young at Heart promos do point multiplication and cheap movies once a week for seniors.
*  Easy and quick bus ride from downtown.  Start across from the Gold Spike and take the HDX.  The BHX is slower and the one you need late night/early morning to return downtown. But getting there takes about 16 minutes as do early trips back on the HDX Check bus schedules to see when it runs. 
* There are also free shuttles from Sam's Town to the strip and to downtown at certain times of the day. 
As you can see there is a bit of service to the airport as well, but flights have to match the couple of shuttle times.
If I stay up there on Boulder at the end of a trip I am more likely to take the 202 from Eastside Cannery to Terribles, roll my luggage into the buffet and sit with coffee and food and my journal until I need to head to the airport, taking the 108 from there at Terribles.   But I don't like hanging about in the airport.  Terribles positions me so that there is a predictable time in riding to the airport.
* Any free nights earned at Sam's Town can be piggy backed with paid nights at Eastside Cannery where there is no resort fee, free room wifi, nice views in quiet rooms, and (for seniors) $10 off the rack rate making these nice rooms as low as $30 with no play.  Then check in check out from or to Sam's  is just a luggage roll.
*  I better like staying at Eastside Cannery and playing at Sam's.  The 202 ends up right in their parking lot and waits while the driver has a smoke.  I like that at night time because it puts me at a stop that is safe and well lighted and uncrowded.  I can watch for the bus from the casino circle at Eastside Cannery and have time to get to it long before it leaves for the strip or I can come back from the strip and be dropped off in a safe and worry free spot.
*bus rides to the strip are long, about 45 minutes, but there are plenty of things to do on Flamingo as well along the way.  During the day, dropping at Terribles and walking to Tuscany, Ellis Island and then to the strip is nice.  Also, no second bus is needed to go to the Gold Coast area for that casino, the Rio and the Palms.
Here are eateries I listed along Flamingo, accessible on the 202.  Here are eaties I listed a year ago on a trip:
Weiner Schnitzel
Panda Express
Zoba's Mexican Grill
Chill n yogurt
REd Lobster
Buffet Asian
McDonald's classic
Olive Garden
Blueberry Hill Dine
Long John Silver
Raising Cane
jack in the Box
Mint india Bistro (Swenson)
Bucadi Beppo
Mortan Steak House
Bahama Breeze
Hamap of Japan
Fogo de Chao
McCormic and Shmick (across from Tuscany)
lawry's Prime Rib
Tuscany Cantina
Flamingo is fast becoming my new strip as the upscale renovations on the strip push me out of my $  comfort zone.
* I can envision a cash trip that starts downtown at the Gold Spike (WAX from airport and luggage roll) heads to Sam's Town (HDX from Gold Spike) heads to Eastside Cannery (luggage roll) Takes a night or two at Terribles (202)  to see the newly renovated rooms and then uses their free shuttle ride to the airport after checkout and breakfast.  Such a trip even with no comps should put average room prices at about $30 with anything above that depending on higher weekend rates. Cover the weekend with a comp somewhere and it makes a cheap trip.
* I've stayed at the Orleans a few days, rolled luggage down Arville to Flamingo (30 minutes- that day skip the treadmill) or taken the 104, and taken that 202 bus out to stay at Sam's Town.  Stays near Flamingo or downtown can be easily followed with stays at Sam's because both the Boulder Highway buses and the 202 Flamingo buses are easy to ride with luggage, unlike stip buses which are more crowded and not as easily to negotiate with luggage.
* A large popcorn taken to the Sam's town movies can be refilled on the way out and taken to the room for a snack later.
* Best free show in Vegas and different every week.  Toast of the Town at 2pm on Thursdays.  Geared to an older audience and selecting the second string talent of Vegas, but they are often very good.  Comedy, dance, song, a live band, never know. Also free drawings for small prizes.
*  Rooms were basic but checking for bedbugs was difficult because the mattresses are wrapped and rewrapped and then wrapped again.  Forget looking at the seams.
*  I don't eat this anymore but the McDonald's had a dollar menu and the quarter candy machines dispensed those wonderful Jelly Belly jelly beans
*  Walmarts is just across the street as is a Bank of America drive up ATM.  So retrieving room snacks and money is cheap.
*  Fine, cheap morning poker tournaments that are not hard to win. However, the cash games afterwards seemed to have too tough competition and a dull and boring mix of surly locals with nothing much of interest to say.  For cash poker Eastside Cannery has a 2-4 limit I like better.
* Nice place to start a bus journey to Sunset Station (BHX) or a visit to Henderson (HDX)  I like the Sunset bus stop on Boulder as a place to switch from one bus to another for different itineraries after that.
* Itinerary might look like this on Thursday:  Sleep at Gold Spike.  Eat breakfast, perhaps the great blueberry pancakes but perhaps not on the new strict diet. Walk across the street and take the bus to Sam's for the morning poker tournament.  After the tournament play Deuces or 10/7 DB earn free Sam's town buffet. See Toast of the Town show.  Walk down to Eastside Cannery for 4 hours of poker which earns a free supper buffet, or take the bus to Tropicana and the 201 to the Orleans for Comedy at Big Al's and a bit of play there.  Take that Orleans free shuttle to Bill's and walk over to play poker at Flamingo until early morning and then ride the Deuce back to downtown.  Walk up Fremont to the El Cortez and check the poker game there.  Then walk  out the back door to the Gold Spike to sleep. Note that getting around Vegas with Sam's Town in the mix is not that hard on buses.