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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gold Line as of February 2010


January 2010 conversation with RTC

I had a nice talk with a bus representative about this change, and I feel much better about it.
She assured me that the DTC will operate until they are ready at the new station.  She estimated that it would open later this year, sometime in the Fall and there would be plenty of news about the opening.

She explained the ACE should solve the issues of people who have rooms downtown and want to access the strip.  The ACE will go right along the strip and basically supplement the Deuce travel, however it will not do every Deuce stop and will hold 112 people, so it should eliminate the overcrowding issues.   It will also be faster:
  •  There will not be as many stops as there are on the Deuce
  •   Boarding is level with the bus
  •   Fare is all prepaid and no fares are collected by the driver so boarding is speeded up
  •   For part of the route the ACE has its own dedicated lane.

1.  Will the ACE GOLD allow luggage?
The ACE will not enable folks to move large luggage but it will not restrict all luggage.  Here is the way it is determined.  First, it is at the discretion of the driver.  Second, you are limited to what will fit in your personal space (under the seat/pm your lap/ in front of you.  I come with largest suitcase I can bring on the plane, a sleep apnea machine, and a computer.  No strip hopping for me.  However, those of you who pack light may be able to think about staying in one strip casino and using the ACE to get to another.  Good news, but not the greatest.  Other routes allow lots of luggage.  My next trip will be on the 108 and the 201 and the 202 with luggage and even my big stuff is no issue.

2. Can I buy a three day senior citizen reduced fare at all the vending machines that service the ACE GOLD?
Yes, you can.  If you have your senior ID card, it has a magnetic strip on the back and the machine will read that and bring up your fares. Unlike the one day passes, these 3 day passes are not activated when purchased, but when first used on the bus, so if you take one home with you, you can use it on your next trip for the bus from the airport.  There is no machine at the airport, but they are all over town and will be up and running to support the ACE. 

3.  In the Fall will I be able to get to the Bonneville Terminal from downtown (often too sketchy to walk) on a residential bus? 
Yes.  Pick up the 108 at Las Vegas Blvd and Ogden.
When busing for only one day, it is a savings getting to the Bonneville terminal on a residential (general market) bus so as to pick up any other bus in that class (senior citizens pay just $2.00 for 24 hour pass, if they don't ride ACE or Deuce)

There are going to be some informative "fairs" this coming month.  Any readers going?  If so, would you please ask about where to buy the 3 day senior reduced fair all access pass as well as questions about accessing the new Bonneville DTC when it opens later this Fall?  Thanks.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For so many people the Deuce has been their only Vegas bus experience, and many are so turned off by overcrowding, they are never willing to ride a Vegas bus again.  The ACE should change that experience.  In the meantime, the non strip routes are uncrowded and cheaper.

If I do take the Deuce back to downtown, it is at the end of my gambling, say 2 AM and I try to be down at the Riviera when I board to head downtown as by then, there will usually be seats. At least I will board at the Venetian where there are the delightful nighttime views of European Cathedrals, the gentle rock of the gondolas in the calm water, and soft classical music pumped out to the street.

However, I am getting older and I can't seem to stay out as late as I once could, so at times I am boarding going North at midnight.

If large crowds have gathered to board at the Venetian, I pay attention to where the bus actually stops. Usually I have found it is beyond the stop itself, so positioning myself a bit North of the Venetian stop works to put me at the head of the pack for boarding and may save me having to wait for the second bus.

If you board the Deuce to downtown and there are no seats, squeeze through the crowds and go upstairs even if those seats are full as well. Folks will be getting off and then, having already negotiated the stairway, you can get first bid on the seats that they abandon. Generally, I get a spot upfront as the view at night is quiet wonderful.

Especially in the daytime, I take what were called "general market" routes. These are less crowded because there are fewer tourists, and the fare is less, but one must have correct change:

Carry dollar bills and quarters. The buses do not give change. However, you can buy passes in vending machines with your credit card. I don't know where all of the machines are located, but I know there are some at the DTC downtown and just around the corner from where the Deuce picks up at the end of Freemont outside Neonopolis. Before the ACE starts running these machines will be located at each ACE stop along the strip.  I have been told that at these vending machines I can first insert my senior reduced fare identity card and the machine will give me the reduced are menu.

Usually I just buy 24 hour passes on the bus and the drivers sell these for correct change, giving senior discounts as well as long as you have the picture ID.

Here might be a good place to get you thinking in terms of the flexibility of 24 hour day passes. Often they can cover your bus needs for two days.
Your first day in Vegas  you head out around supper time for the strip.
You buy your 24 pass at 4PM on Day one.
It gets you home after long poker seesions at 3AM, and you sleep in the next day.

Day two you head out to the strip and board  the bus before 4PM so your first pass is good.
Again you come home at 3 AM and buy a 24 hour pass on the way home.

The third day you head out for poker whenever you want.  As long as you board to come home before 3 AM, this second pass is still good.

3 days in Vegas and you have all the transportation you need for the $14 price of two passes.  If the new proposal take effect and seniors can get a reduced 24 hour all access pass for $3.50, this system will save over the $10 new rate for a 3 day pass.

Of course, it is almost the same to buy a 3 day pass before you head out, but you lose if the second day you decide not to head to the strip.  I have trouble planning 3 days in Vegas.  I might be tired or hungry or decide on a show.  I might get into a game at the El Cortez and decide to  play for 14 hours. I might lose the pass the second day.
Knowing how to stretch the 24 hour pass into the same value when your schedule allows is more flexible.

Gerry and Les, board and the best bus riders  I know, do not want to walk to the current DTC, so they stand at that stop that drops off at Walgreen's and take the first bus they meet to the DTC station in order to select their route for the day. Because they can take any bus and end up at the DTC, it does not take long for them to catch the ride they want and they don't have to negotiate the blocks in between.  Of course, these routes too will be altered when the ACE and the new DTC are up and running.  It may well turn out that the walk to the new site does not feel safe for many of us, and then we will have to catch a bus to take the bus unless our desired route has stops in the downtown areas.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



To get a senior rate you used to have to be 62, but I see now that the age is 60. Also you used to have to wait in the mail after being photographed, but they now do all of that in ten minutes at the DTC and then hand you an identity card good for 5 years. With that card seniors basically ride the bus for half price.  The exception is that seniors do not get a discount on the All Access 24 hour pass.  However, a three day pass can be bought for $7.50.


Here is a followup from the famous Turtleman posted on : I visited the Downtown Transportation Center on Tuesday just to see about getting a Reduced Fare I.D. and found the process as fast and painless as getting a player's card. I merely had to show my driver's license, have a headshot photo taken in less than a minute, and had a 5-year ID a minute later. I only used it once during this last trip, but paying half fare for merely showing the card is really cool. Thanks a lot Dewey for pointing this out!

Being Canadian citizens, we had to show our passports .... after showing our passports, we were issued with PHOTO ID cards good for five years!
Next time we go to Vegas, we just insert the into the vending machines to purchase the seniors 3 day pass[$7.50]our best deal in Vegas.we really got our money's worth.
This from a poster on the Open Vegas board by Croftonbill

Seniors who get a Reduced fair ID and start their journey  by buying a 24 hour pass General Market pass ($2) did not see an increase in the base price.  Nor was the 3 day reduced fare pass increased.  These continue to be the best bargains for seniors.  The worst buy is the 24 hour all access pass as there is no senior discount.  It costs everyone $7.  Compare that to a three day unlimited pass for $7.50.  The catch there is they cannot be bought on line but must be bought in vending machines or at the DTC.  However, these vending machines are all over the place now
What we really need is a vending machine at the airport.
In March of 2010 when the new books are published, the upcharge fare will be increased to $2 per ride.  At this point the 3 day pass will be an even better value, especially if we seniors are going to ride the ACE lines.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bus report from "The Bucket"

Thanks again for meeting with me last week at the El Cortez - I
found our meeting to me most enjoyable and informative. Do you happen to
have the address handy for the "blonde" board you mentioned being of
interest? If you do, I'd appreciate it.

As promised, here is some text describing my experiences using the
bus during my recent trip:
Sunday: McCarran -> Sam's Town (108,202)

Perhaps the most challenging part of this run was finding the
actual bus stop at McCarran Airport. I get the feeling that it is almost
deliberately hidden. Fortunately, I already knew that I had to find
Ground Level Zero (which is accessed from the baggage claim via an
interior down-escalator (I think there is a nearby elevator as well). It
is not especially well-marked, but there is a "Ground Level Zero" sign
for it if you look around enough (it is at the end of baggage claim
where one descends from the terminal gates, off to your right if you are
descending on those escalators).

Once I got to Ground Level Zero, the challenge of finding the bus
stop was far from over. The area is pretty much a big parking lot for
big vehicles (tour buses and limousines for the most part) in assigned
spaces. I found that one has to cross the street from the terminal exit
(not so much a street as a multi-lane area for limousines) to where the
tour buses park, take a right, and walk quite a ways down to the end of
where the tour buses park. There one will find a small shelter and a
rather temporary looking pole with a small RTC 108-109 sign on it.
That's the airport bus stop. This is fairly easily identified by the
large number of airport employees lounging around waiting for the bus to

The RTC website indicates that there is a TVM (Ticket Vending
Machine) at McCarran - I didn't see it anywhere within sight of the bus
stop. It may be there somewhere, but I was glad that I had mail-ordered
my bus pass in advance and had it in hand (I was concerned that I might
need the TVM to validate it, but it could be done on the bus itself). I
was going to take either the 108 or 109, whichever arrived first. I
waited about 10 minutes before a 108 bus rolled up, so I lugged my big
suitcase up onto it (I wouldn't try to do this with much more than I had
to carry) and the driver showed me how to put my un-validated pass into
a hole in the top of the fare-taking thing on the bus to validate it.
Every trip thereafter (for the life of the pass) could then be started
just by swiping the card through the front of this device, with the
exception of the ACE, for which one does not do a card-swipe (but must
be prepared to present a valid pass if asked for it... I was never asked
to do this).

The trip from McCarran to Flamingo Rd. was uneventful. I was
worried about getting off too late, and nearly got off at Tropicana as a
result. Fortunately a fellow bus-rider told me "you want to wait two
stops", and his advice was sound. I got off the 108 just north of
Flamingo, and took the short walk back down to Flamingo, and a short
distance east to the bus stop that was right in front of a UNLV building
there. The area felt quite safe, though I do feel as if I stuck out a
bit being the only suitcase-toting tourist in the area.

About ten minutes later, the 202 came along (it was a
double-decker, the 108 was a regular bus). I climbed on board (the front
door is for boarding, the back door for departing), swiped my card thru
the machine (watching fellow passengers in front of me to see how to
orient the card so as not to appear too naive), and found a place to
stick my suitcase (and I just sat on it to keep it from flopping around)
in the wheelchair-area near the front of the bus. This also gave me a
nice vantage point to watch my stops approach.

The trip out to Boulder Highway (Sam's Town was my destination)
took longer than I expected it to. It is actually quite a distance to
the east, and the bus stopped at nearly every opportunity to pick up
and/or drop off passengers. Fortunately I wasn't in a hurry, otherwise I
probably would have been sweating the delay (as a fellow passenger was,
since he was running late to work). At one point (I think in front of
the Clark County Library) the driver announced that we were running
ahead of schedule and had to wait for five minutes. He stepped off the
bus, and we sat there for five minutes, before he came back on and we
continued on our way.

As I saw Sam's approaching thru the windshield, I wasn't sure when
I should get off the bus. There was a stop just before we got to Boulder
Highway itself (with Sam's looming large), so I got off there and walked
a short distance east on Flamingo, crossed Boulder on the crosswalk, and
walked a fair distance south on Boulder Highway's sidewalk to go in the
front entrance at Sam's. In retrospect, I think I should have stayed on
the bus until it turned onto Boulder Highway and made a loop around
Sam's (the end of the line for it). The walk would have likely been far
shorter and would not have required me to cross Boulder on foot.

Overall, the trip from McCarran to Sam's Town took me about an hour
by bus, and was far, far less expensive than it would have been by any
other mode of transportation from the airport. Maybe that's why they
make the bus stop hard to find there (to encourage limo/cab/shuttle usage).

Tuesday: Fremont Hotel -> Mandalay Bay (ACE)

Using the ACE to get from the Fremont Hotel (and by proximity from
the Fremont Street Experience in general) to Mandalay Bay was fast and
easy. The southbound ACE stop for the FSE is right between the Fremont
Hotel and Binion's (on the Binion's side) and is clean, modern, equipped
with ticket vending machines, and quite safe-feeling for just about
anyone. I waited about 5 minutes there for the ACE to arrive, and got on
to find plenty of seating available (in the morning, during the week).
The trip was uneventful and much faster than a Deuce trip would have
been, depositing me outside Mandalay Bay about 40 minutes from the time
we left the Fremont. The ACE requires riders to carry a valid transit
pass, but you don't have to beep it when you get on. Instead, conductors
are supposed to circulate thru the buses on occasion and verify that
everyone has a pass. During my ACE trip, this did not happen.

Tuesday: Mirage -> Fremont Hotel (ACE)

I used the ACE to access Fremont one night, coming up north from
Mirage. This proved to be more challenging than I expected it to be,
mostly because I didn't have a map of the ACE stops with me and made the
mistake of thinking "All I have to do is get over on the east side of
the strip and start walking north until I hit one". That was quite a
hike as it turns out that the first northbound ACE stop north of Mirage
is just past the Wynn resort. By the time I got on (it was quite late
and I was tired to begin with), I nearly fell asleep as we made our way
downtown. With minimal traffic that far north of the strip, however, the
actual bus ride was very short and dropped me quite conveniently right
at the Fremont Street Experience. I will make sure that I carry a map of
the ACE stops on the strip the next time I plan to use it. In retrospect
I should have just used the Deuce to get to an ACE stop (or all the way
downtown) since the Deuce stops are far more numerous on the Strip, and
my transit pass (as is the case with anyone's unlimited transit pass)
would have been good on the Deuce as well. I did do some
Google-searching for a list of ACE stops on the Strip using my
BlackBerry, and was unable to access that information on my mobile device.


There's my bus report - Please feel free to reprint, edit,
paraphrase, use the info above for your own writing, or do whatever you
feel like with this account of my bus travels - I hereby release it into
the public domain for any usage. I was sad to hear that your trip ended
up with you being down financially - hang in there - I've found that it
always seems to swing the other way, eventually. Fortunately my baccarat
play proved to be very profitable this trip (though of course it could
just as easily have been the opposite). I did find that using the bus
made this trip quite unique, and I will likely do it again. Thanks again
for all your great information about the bus system, and for your
company at lunch.

The Bucket"   can be reached at: 

Dewey's response:

Thanks, Bucket, I did not change a word. These anecdotal narratives in the words of the traveler are exactly what we need when planning the bus in Vegas.
Thanks for the time it took to write it and your kindness in letting me put it on the blog. And for buying dinner. 

One thing that stood out for me is this. If folks  are in a hurry, the bus can seem exasperatingly long. I always settle in and enjoy the ride itself as its own treat, so the time does not bother me.  it is a long way to the Boulder Strip.  Soon that time will be shortened when a new ACE like line is built along Boulder Highway.

While gambling when the outcome is all luck swings by itself, live poker losses like those I experienced are evidence that something is definitely wrong since over 16 days I should have been able to manage some control over the outcome.  It is very disconcerting.  I'll most likely have year to think about it while I write about buses and resort fees and bed bugs.


Route 103- laudromat/ Arizona Charlies

I have not ridden this route, but it looks like it accesses Arizona Charlie's and also would get us to this laundromat

From the Orleans this would be a fairly easy ride with buses coming every ten minutes.  About 20 minutes or so to the destinations.

106 -Texas Station/Fiesta/Sante Fe


I just read this week that one poster would not even think of these casinos while staying  downtown because they were too far to go.

The last time I used the 106, I had a one free night offer from Fiesta Rancho.  I was booked downtown, but I took just a bit of luggage and booked the free Fiesta room.  This was before resort fees so it was a free room.  That gave me time to see a great old 50's band there, do all my matchplay coupons, update my points, eat a barbecue buffet at the Texas Station and head back the next day.

I think 106 is a fine and easy route that goes out to Texas Station or Fiesta Rancho. On the way back it also has stops right downtown, so you don't have to wait for the DTC end of the road drop off.

I have used it with some light baggage just to take advantage of a free night at Fiesta Rancho leaving my main luggage in a free room somewhere else downtown.
Friends also report on going out to Sante Fe station using the 106

"We really liked the Santa Fe buffet. We went about 10:30 which made breakfast and lunch available at the breakfast price. We didn't do that every day, but we did go 4 or 5 times during our visit. It actually takes only about 35 minutes. The ride was fine, but it always had the usual assortment of characters. I believe that bus continues on beyond Santa Fe to a Walmart store."


The Vegas zoo is another destination on route 106 and not very far from Texas Station.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are two options from Downtown to get out to the Boulder Strip. You can catch the free shuttle to Sam's Town or the 107 that goes along the Boulder Highway. Here is a friend's comments on those two routes:

One rider reports taking the 107 many times and enjoying the double deckers.  They even went as far as Terribles in Henderson to use some coupons.

That also means that the small Joker's Wild casino is accessible by bus from downtown. There they offer craps at the lowest limits in Vegas. A bet on the pass line for 50 cents can be backed by 10X odds. They use quarter chips to make accurate pays on small 6/8 place bets. Sometimes they also have food deals. Call before you go to see if there is a game that day.

The 201 Tropicana or 202 Flamingo also intersects 107

Thursday, February 11, 2010


109 -

108 -

June 2010:  Note that the 108 no longer jogs along Las Vegas Blvd but goes out Paradise to Main.  So you can't go from the airport to Circus Circus on that route with luggage.

The ACE bus will not go to the airport.
The 108 and 109 will still service the airport after the changes. 
Go to ground level zero by taking the elevator that is oversized and has glass for a view of the terminal as you ride.
When you exit at ground zero, turn to the right and go all the way down.
There is a bus stop and the 108 or 109 will get you downtown from there in 45 minutes.
You can also change buses from those routes, and ride Flamingo or Tropicana buses to casinos on those streets.
If you want to do that, in most cases you want to take the 108 at the airport.
The 109 crosses those streets, but at a distance from the strip.  It might be nice for going to Eastside Cannery with a transfer to the Flamingo bus.  The bus frees tourists without cars from narrowing their stays to the Strip or downtown.  Even Boulder Highway can be reached easily.

You can't ride the Deuce with the kind of large luggage you take when traveling on a plane.  However, the new ACE will allow luggage that fits in your personal space (under seat/on lap/in front of you).  That will make moving from one strip property to another more accessible if you pack light for Vegas.  I pack too heavy and I am too big to have this work for me.  Too bad.

From the airport I have taken the 109 twice and the 108 twice and found both easy, but my buddy took the 109, and he ended up going in the wrong direction, so ask the driver if the 109 bus goes North to downtown or South to the South Strip Transfer Terminal, or you will have to ride there and then wait for it to come back.  You don't have to worry about direction using the 108.

The least crowded day from the airport is Sunday. Since that is a fine day to start a frugal Vegas adventure, and avoid the high priced weekend, it is convenient.
The 108 will also drop you downtown at that same spot you may have experienced on the Deuce just on the side of the Walgreen's. This is very safe for walking to all the downtown casinos.

The 109 will get you a bit closer to the El Cortez, but in a less tourist neighborhood.  Even if I am going to the El Cortez, I prefer most times to walk from Walgreen's where a I add some juice and a few snacks to my luggage.

Walking from the current DTC is only a good idea if your casino is close to that area. California is right across the street from the DTC. Main Street Station is close too.  In the Fall when the DTC changes to Bonneville, other strategies will be required.

This past August trip I walked to the Plaza once from the current DTC and once from that stop near Freemont at Walgreen's. It was hot. The most comfortable walk was the walk was to stay under the canopy as long as possible.
Note also that you may be arriving and need snacks for the room or some favorite toiletry the airport security confiscated. Walgreen's is right there where the 108 drops.

The 108 will NOT get you directly to Terribles from the airport (you'd have to walk back from Swenson or take the Flamingo bus). However, if you are staying at Terribles, a free shuttle will pick you up for free at Ground Zero in their shuttle. I use Terribles not for much gambling, but as a good, cheap location to access the strip at Flamingo or the Palms and Gold Coast as well as the cheapest egg and fruit breakfast available because their 2 for 1 coupons are good for 50% for solo travelers and half the time they give me a funbook with some free buffets.
Ground Zero is also where the Laughlin bus picks up and drops off at the airport. Is is just steps from the 108/109 stop.

Remember to consider the 24 hour pass when coming into downtown from the airport. Ask yourself if you are going to use the bus again while the pass is good. Often the pass I buy at the airport gets me out to the strip the next day, and then I buy a new pass at 2AM after long strip poker sessions. That second pass then gets me out to the strip and perhaps even back on the next day if I come home a bit earlier.

108 Downtown link to strip- changes coming

From downtown the 108 will take you to Terribles where you can take the Flamingo bus to the strip. If you don't mind a walk down Flamingo to the strip, you can stop at Tuscany, or at Ellis Island to use up matchplays or grab some lunch (cheap steak and garlic beans)
Staying on the 108 beyond Flamingo will take you to the Hard Rock. I often go there, use up matchplays, check out all the guitars, and then walk the short distance back to Terribles for a cheap breakfast.
You can also take the 202 Flamingo bus to the strip or stay on to the Palms or the Gold Coast or Rio.

I have also caught the bus back downtown, but not late at night. We can catch the trip back downtown at Flamingo and Sweeney.  It runs on different Flamingo intersections because it runs one way.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

111 - Green Valley Ranch


The 111 is the Pecos bus. One of the buses goes out as far as Green Valley Ranch, if you can believe it. It estimates it takes an hour to get there from Bill's with one transfer.
Friends report it is a long, long ride.

Monday, February 8, 2010



Sunday, February 7, 2010

117 South Point

You can take the Deuce  or any other route that goes to the SSTT (south strip transit terminal).  From the terminal then take the 117 bus to South Point.

Friday, February 5, 2010

201/202 Flamingo and Tropicana

TRIPS ALONG THE 202 AND 201- Flamingo and Tropicana
updated on October 24, 2010

These two routes are one of the easiest and most neglected travel routes in Vegas.  Gone are the crowds on the Deuce and yet these buses are generally Deuce style buses with two levels.  Stops are announced.  They open up sections of Vegas seldom explored by tourists without cars.

The 202 serving Flamingo

The 202 going down Flamingo stops directly in front of Tuscany, Terribles, and except for early morning hours, the Eastside Cannery.  This makes the bus an easy and safe way to go down Flamingo after dark and makes possible access to Boulder Highway. 
Unfortunately, new changes on October  7, 2010 cut late night travel as the bus only goes to Nellis and then only every hour.

If you stay at the Tuscany, ask for rooms in complex B and you will be just steps from the bus stop.

In the other direction it makes the strip accessible to Rio/Palms/Gold Coast.

Getting off beyond these casinos near Arville you have a ten minute walk South on Arville toward the Orleans to get to a laundromat.  It is safe and easy in good weather with your dirty clothes in a rolling suitcase.
Wizard of Suds
275 Arville St.
Las Vegas NV 89103

Daytime walking between the Orleans and the Gold Coast is easy and safe.  It takes about a half hour.  Luggage rolls easily on sidewalks.  I have not done it late at night.

Note by the way that the Gold Coast turns out to be a really fine spot for positioning you for central shuttle and bus travel. The Coast shuttle, the Palms shuttles, the Rio Shuttles and the 202 CAT give you some really great access to so many areas.
You can even go out to the Boulder strip and connect with the 107 to travel up and down Boulder Highway or to head downtown.

However, pay attention coming back to the strip Patty Jean shares this midadventure trying to get back to Paris from the Hard Rock.  I think she needed the 202 but caught the 108  near the Hardrock going in the wrong direction.  At any rate, it shows that we need to keep a good sense of where we are going.  The bus driver will tell you the destination, but here Patty just heard " the strip."  and ended up a long way from her destination.  Thanks Patty for letting me share your misadventure:

Hello, Dewey:
I am afraid I did not ride the bus much at all. I had originally planned to use it to visit some outlying casinos like M and Red Rock, but time just got away from me and I never left the Strip or downtown. I used only the Deuce and one other route for which, unfortunately, I did not get the number. I know it picked me up on Flamingo. I jumped on because I had walked from the Strip up to the Hard Rock, across to Terrible's, then back down Flamingo and I was tired. I asked if the bus was going back up to the Strip and the driver said yes. (I was staying at Paris.) Rather than going straight to the Strip it went around some back streets and didn't get to the Strip until we were down at Wynn. So the ride didn't really help me at all!  You probably know that route number and you might want to warn people not to make the same mistake I did.
My only advice for bus riders is to either buy the 3-day bus pass or make sure they are always carrying one dollar bills. I always visit the bill changer or cashier regularly to make sure my wallet is stocked. The ones come in handy for tips, too.
I love the Deuce and don't mind the slow ride during busy times. I just allow for it. I really like sitting in the front seat on the top deck. It is easy to get. If it is not available when I first board the bus, I just slowly work my way up to it until there is a seat.
I think when I am alone in Las Vegas, the bus is great. When I am with a friend, it seems like it only costs a tiny bit more to take cabs in most situations. I wouldn't buy a 3-day pass.
Feel free to share any of my comments, although I didn't really use the system. I will refer to your site whenever I prepare for trip in the future.


Both intersect with the 108 which currently serves downtown.  The ACE is faster, but if luggage is larger than a shopping bag, you must ride the 108 or other residential routes with luggage.

I took the 202 Flamingo away from the strip to just across the street from
the Atomic Testing Museum
and treated myself to supper at the much praised Himilayan Restaurant before heading to the strip.
I did a little review of this restaurant here:

Sometimes I go on the 202 Flamingo bus from Terribles to the Gold Coast. Then it will be possible to catch the Gold Coast shuttle ( theoretically we need a Coast room key--I never have) to the Orleans and take the 201 from there.

Route 201 down Tropicana

The 201 connects the strip with the Orleans and again takes luggage.

While much of the good gambling is gone from the Orleans, I think the gift shop still sells great playing cards for 50 cents and dice for a quarter and of course a visit to McMullan's for a pint of Smithwick's and some of those homemade potato chips is always a treat.

Once done with all of that, you are in a position to take the Tropicana bus to the strip or farther to places like

This museum is moving closer to the Liberace Museum, but the Liberace Museum is closing October 17, 2010.
Until October 2, 2010:

Easy enough to go there:
Take the uncrowded 201 bus.

Get off at Spencer.

23 minutes from the stop across from the Orleans
16 minutes from the stop along side the Tropicana Casino on Tropicana Ave.

Add in the Pinball Hall of Fame a short 2 minute walk away

from: Liberace Museum & Foundation
1775 East Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89119-6529
1. Head west on E Tropicana Ave
486 ft
2. Turn right toward E Tropicana Ave
56 ft
3. Turn left at E Tropicana Ave
102 ft

arrived at :Pinball Hall of Fame
1610 E Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89119
I would, however, skip going to the Goodtimes Nite Club.
It is just not the same since Club Cyanide is gone:

On the corner of Tropicana and Pecos is my favorite barber who cuts hair in his collection of Western memorbilia:

and one of my favorite breakfast spots is this Salvadorian place in the mall across Pecos from the barber:

Shopping along these routes is good too.  See my shopping thread.

If you have similar bus stories, let me post and share them.  There is something valuable in anecdotal reports that cannot be gleaned from reading a schedule book. If you have favorite destinations along these routes, write me and I'll add them in.


Hello, Dewey:
I am afraid I did not ride the bus much at all on my trip. I had originally planned to use it to visit some outlying casinos like M and Red Rock, but time just got away from me and I never left the Strip or downtown. I used only the Deuce and one other route for which, unfortunately, I did not get the number. I know it picked me up on Flamingo. I jumped on because I had walked from the Strip up to the Hard Rock, across to Terrible's, then back down Flamingo and I was tired. I asked if the bus was going back up to the Strip and the driver said yes. (I was staying at Paris.) Rather than going straight to the Strip it went around some back streets and didn't get to the Strip until we were down at Wynn. So the ride didn't really help me at all!  You probably know that route number and you might want to warn people not to make the same mistake I did.
My only advice for bus riders is to either buy the 3-day bus pass or make sure they are always carrying one dollar bills. I always visit the bill changer or cashier regularly to make sure my wallet is stocked. The ones come in handy for tips, too.
I love the Deuce and don't mind the slow ride during busy times. I just allow for it. I really like sitting in the front seat on the top deck. It is easy to get. If it is not available when I first board the bus, I just slowly work my way up to it until there is a seat.
I think when I am alone in Las Vegas, the bus is great. When I am with a friend, it seems like it only costs a tiny bit more to take cabs in most situations. I wouldn't buy a 3-day pass.
Feel free to share any of my comments, although I didn't really use the system. I will refer to your site whenever I prepare for trip in the future.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Orleans to Palace Station

June 2010

CAT bus north.
Get off at Sahara.
Take Sahara bus to Palace Station.
estimated 45 minutes
Take the Orleans shuttle to Bill's Gambling Hall and Casino.
Take the ACE/Deuce to Sahara.
Sahara bus to PS
Get to Fashion Show Mall
Free shuttle from there to Palace Station

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Adam from BLONDE'S BOARD reports this trip to RED ROCK CANYON

Dewey, you're posts are always helpful to me especially your bus info as I ride the bus religiously when in Vegas! If we're ever out there together theres a beer in it for you!!! My bus trip started at The Candlewood inn and suites on Paradise. My friend and I walked over to the flamingo and caught the 202 bus down to MD parkway...transferred at Maryland parkway to the 109 bus North until we got to charleston which is the 206 I believe and you go west on the 206 until the VERY END. The route ends just outside the entrance to Red Rock Station. Starting out on flamingo it was a very short bus ride from the corner of paradise to md pkwy, we had to wait about 10 minutes or so for the 109. Now the 109 is traditionally SLooooow. There are so many locals that use the 109 so it is almost like riding the deuce on the strip it's always stopping and stopping and stopping but today it seemed to go pretty quick and before we knew it we were getting off at Charleston. The bus heading west on charleston was just pulling up so we ran waving our arms yelling HOLD THE BOAT HOLD THE BOAT!!!! As loud as we could and luckily either someone told the bus driver 2 idiots were trying to catch the bus or she heard us yelling but she waited until we got there and on the 206 we went. We thanked the driver for waiting for us. This was the looongest bus ride of my life...i think it took like an hour or so. We went through a lot of las vegas's neighborhood until we got to Summerlin...we passed by a nail place that had a picture of Barack Obama on the front and it said something about Obama pedicures or something like that. We thought that was pretty funny. A couple people got on the bus that sat next to us and they were pretty friendly to talk to. We discussed alot of current events and I guess they thought I was a local cuz they seemed surprised to find out I was a tourist. I don't imagine a lot of tourists make the trek out to red rock on the bus. The trip was worth the time it took to get out there and back for me as I redeemed 120 in chip for 100 coupon form the LVA and I expected it to be like the Sahara 50 for 40 where you get 50 bucks in non negotiable chips. This was actually even better because they gave me 100 dollars in negotiable chips I could cash in at anytime and 20 dollars in non negotiable chips which you had to lose at least once. I ended up making mad money at the table. Like a couple hundred dollars or so...not a bad little win which paid for my whole trip. I would definately do it again and yes it is very safe. Adam


Friends Les and Gerry have taught me a great deal about riding the bus.  Off they will go with a coupon in their hand for a two for one buffet and visit a new casinos just to see and play a bit.
They report: "If anyone is interested in going to Red Rock casino, it's a fairly easy trip on the bus. We caught the Charleston bus going west on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston. Catty corner from the Walgreens on Las Vegas Boulevard. It takes you to Red Rock, which is their last stop on the route."

I certainly had not even considered Red Rock as a destination by bus.  It seems so far out there.
I wonder if once there, there is a way to hop their shuttle. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

402 Sunset station

I have not done this trip yet.

Choose bus 402 from the DTC.  It takes just 20 minutes but it only rides once every hour.

My Personal Favorites


My favorite bus routes are the 201 and the 202, and they may change me from a sleep downtown person to a sleep at Terribles, the Tuscany, The Gold Coast, or on the Boulder Strip person. Harrah's new respect for no resort fees and their consideration of live poker as worthy of room discounts may well make me into a Flamingo person.  This will certainly be what I do for the August trips or at other times when hotel prices are low.  This year (1010) I am doing April with 3 nights at the IP and five at Flamingo and a weekend at Super 8 where there are no resort fees but plenty of resort amenities like free wifi and a guest laudromat.
Usually those 201/202 routes have the two deck buses as well and are regular and uncrowded. The elimination of the DTC close to the downtown area will change one huge advantage downtown has for me, the opportunity to go just about anywhere from the DTC on one cheap residential bus a short walk away.  A day pass with Deuce of Ace will be $7, but my senior day pass will be $2 if I stick with Tropicana and Flamingo.  The three day senior will be a great bargain: unlimited all access for $7.50 but actually I rarely ride the bus for three days in a row.
The 116 that passes Ellis Island will get me to the Fashion show Mall and from there I can go to M for free.
I may not think in terms of buses for my days downtown, but just go for a few days, play a bit of cards with Jackie Gaughn and finish my trip by catching that nice, free El Cortez shuttle to the airport on my last day. I tip that free shuttle driver $5, so it is more expensive than the bus, but it is only a half hour, dependable, and it means I can leave my bags with the El Cortez bellhop and play poker right up to the last minute of my trip.  Besides I like the guy.  The ride is more like a taxi than a paid shuttle.  Often I am alone in the car.
Posts in the shopping thread also suggest that Flamingo has huge opportunities for shopping.  However, I rarely shop in Vegas.
Tropicana and Flamingo are linked by the Gold Coast shuttle to the Orleans.  I love the Gold Coast breakfast. 

More and more I am seeing the Flamingo strip corner as the best location.  When a bus can't get me somewhere, a free shuttle might and the hub seems to be along Flamingo.

 There are some cheap day trips to Laughlin, but if you want to go longer you need to rent a car or take the River City Shuttle which is a bit over a hundred dollars round trip.  Going solo for a week I could save the cost of this ride in cheaper hotel rates.  Also, almost half of that expense is gas.  Going with more than one person it makes sense to rent a car.
At Terribles is the only place you can board the shuttle to Laughlin other than those one day almost free trips. River City Shuttle is the name of the company.

This past trip I returned from Laughlin to Terribles and then rolled my bags down to the Tuscany where I had found $20 nights with wi fi in common areas and a laundromat. No car, but I'm staying in Laughlin and off strip without cab fare.

Here is a link discussing how to go to Laughlin

Here are links to my Laughlin trip reports: