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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Avoid strip buses with heavy luggage Flamingo eateries

I rarely advise against bus travel, but my rides on SDX and Deuce with my huge suitcase were uncomfortable.  I took one from the SSTT to Paris and that might have been okay had I positioned myself in the middle of the SDX where I could exit in crowds without difficulty.  I sat in the back and it was a job getting out.
The Deuce I caught at Venesian to take downtown and I could barely get in the bus.  No one would move back.  Finally I managed to bet my bag wedged into the space next to the seat the faces the middle door and then I was good, standing, until I got off at Carson.

Going from downtown to the strip and getting off across from Harrah's was very easy.  That bus did not seem crowded.  I'd do that again.
But if I start my 22 Vegas nights at Imperial Palace again, I'll take the 109 to Flamingo, buy my 30 day pass at that intersection at the Albertson's of Walgreen's and then take the Flamingo to the strip.  Those buses are never as crowded as strip buses.

Although I rented a car for a week of my 23 night stay this past time, I still got my $30 in value from riding the bus the rest of the time.  And it was fine to have the pass in my wallet and not have any hassle looking for it to ride the SDX or the Boulder buses to Sam's Town. 

Going there too I'd advise using the HDX to get to Sam's and then taking the Sam's shuttle back or making a plan on the strip and getting the 202 from the Cannery.  I just did not like the feel of that Nellis bus stop, and the BHX is just so much longer.  Especially late at night the 202 to the strip and a strip bus home again after perhaps a bit of food at Ellis Island or poker at Flamingo seems the most comfortable ride to me.

Here are eateries I listed along Flamingo, accessible on the 202.

Weiner Schnitzel
Panda Express
Zoba's Mexican Grill
Chill n yogurt
REd Lobster
Buffet Asian
McDonald's classic
Olive Garden
Blueberry Hill Dine
Long John Silver
Raising Cane
jack in the Box
Mint india Bistro (Swenson)
Bucadi Beppo
Mortan Steak House
Bahama Breeze
Hamap of Japan
Fogo de Chao
McCormic and Shmick (across from Tuscany)
lawry's Prime Rib
Tuscany Cantina

Note too that we can transfer to the Centennial Express at Maryland to take us downtown.  The schedule needs attention or there is a long wait for this one.  it does not run from a bit after 11 PM until about 7AM

Note too that there is a library along the Flamingo route.  I think it is at the Algonquin stop.


  1. HI
    I am a big bingo fan and am trying to figure the best bus route to get from the MGM to the East Sde Cannery. Can you spell it out in really simple terms. I am only familiar with the bus that goes from the strip to Freemont and nothing else. Will that same pass work with off strip busses. I think it was 7 dollars for 24 hours. SOmething like that. Thanks! Going to Vegas on Thursday. Also is there a bus fromt eh Strip to Palace Station?

  2. Hi Kianna,
    MGM to Eastside Cannery.
    Take the Deuce or the SDX from MGM to Paris.
    Walk up to Bally's and turn the corner. On the side of Bally's is a stop for the 202. That bus will take you down Flamingo, turn right on Boulder and then turn left just before Eastside Cannery and drop you right on the edge of their parking lot. When you come home, look for the bus in that same exact spot. Generally it sits there a while to give the driver a break. Board it and it will do a bit of weaving behind Sam's Town and then go Flamingo again to the strip. You get off at Caesar's and cross the intersection to catch the SDX or Deuce at Bellagio for a ride to Excalibur.

    Catch the Sahara bus at Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. It is called the SX now.
    I have not ridden this new bus yet.
    However, here is what to do:

    Take the bus towards Sahara Express Westbound

    3:44pm - 3:49pm(5 mins, 2 stops)
    Sahara @ Rancho (W) Stop ID: 2458

    Walk up to the Palace Station.

    Walk to Palace Station Courtyard, 2411 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

    About 2 mins (377 ft)


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