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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Scotland these folks choose the bus

Link below contains a fine frugal trip report from a person from Edinburgh, Scotland
(click to get a taste of that city)
 who uses the buses to make a frugal Vegas trip.  It really puts in perspective our addiction to the automobile to see folks from across the water so easily get all around Vegas using the buses and not finding anything to rant or complain about.
Ironic is that they become tour directors for some girls from Louisiana.  Because they are comfortable on buses, they can easily show these girls how to navigate.  Amazing, really.

"We caught the SDX outside back to the Stratosphere. We got chatting to 2 girls from Louisiana on the bus, who were going to go up the Strat Tower so we showed them where to go and ended up going up the tower with them. They were really nice girls and after we’d seen all there was to see at the top we asked them if they wanted us to take them Downtown and show them around down there. They were up for that and we got there about 9.30pm so showed them the zip line first and then went up to Binions where we all had our photos taken with the $1 million. We moved further up towards the Plaza and watched the Chinese gentleman making copies of peoples faces out of clay. Then the 10pm Queen lightshow came on so we watched that. We then went down to collect our photos from Binions and we were going to leave the girls to have something to eat but they decided that they were really tired and wanted to go back to the Bellagio. We all hopped on the SDX and said goodbye when we got off at the Strat. They were so grateful for everything we’d done for them as they wouldn’t have gone Downtown without us." 

The full trip report is here: