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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Proof of being senior

Reports are that just showing a driver's license is enough to prove age and get a reduced fare.  Medicare cards are posted as enough proof.  Perhaps it is not necessary to get a photo ID anymore.

Bus bits from my trip in April/May


Coming from mid strip to the Four Queens on the SDX I missed my downtown stop because I was talking too much.  I easily got off at the Outlets and crossed the street for another bus that took me to the Binions stop.



After BoyzIIMen at the Mirage I was going to play Mirage poker until late, but I was on a list a long time and it did not look like anyone was leaving nor were they going to start a new game.  Also I watched the game and it was not exceptionally soft. 

So I walked to Venetian. 

I should have gone in and played poker for a while there to let late night Friday night bus traffic ease, but I thought I’d manage.  I saw a Deuce go by as I walked, and when I got to the stop there were two people ahead of me.  We watched 3 SDX pass us with uncrowded loads before another Deuce finally came.  By then there were too many people gathered at the stop to fit on the bus.

At the Venetian regular riders know that instead of standing right at the sign, we stand a bit farther North as that is where the bus door will open.  So I did that and got on the bus.  It was crowded and the driver was stressed with trying to make people move back and hurrying them as they left, threatening to close the door.  It is the kind of bus ride that is unpleasant.  Of course, I just went upstairs, found a seat, and rode along, but when it is possible, go to an SDX site. 

At any other time I might have walked to get the SDX, but my feet have been blistering and I had worn my sneakers rather than the odd slipper shoes I bought to free up the toes so I just had to wait. 

I was smart enough, however, to get off at Casino Center and Carson to walk up the 4 Queens, and so be without the crowd of Fremont exploring folks who would all get off at the last stop.

To exit from upstairs simply follow the stops and when the bus stops for the stop directly before your stop, be the last one to descend the stairwell with those getting off.  Then you have done the stairs while the bus is not moving and you are right there and ready to get off first at the next stop.



It took me three tries to figure this out because I came unprepared with the latest changes. 
Once I just got on the SDX at Binions, went to the BTC and then switched to the HDX there.
An awful waste of time.
There is a redirection paper sign over on Ogden  at the regular stop across from the new Downtown Grand,  but it was hard to see and ripped in half by some angry bus patron, so that the Carson Street stop is almost impossible to read.

To get the HDX or BHX out of downtown (at least temporarily) go to the D pool corner (Carson and 4th) and kitty corner to the pool,  and down the block a bit South  on Carson is the pickup, marked by a cheezy yellow paper sign.

There is no shelter so it can get hot. It runs about every 20 minutes but it is best to have a schedule in your pocket and go five minutes early rather than wait longer. Guys waited and watched from the shade of the Fremont parking garage and then jay walked across the street. This is a bad idea. Every time I go to Vegas,  locals tell me about jay walking fines, and they are pretty hefty. This trip I found out that if you step off the curb and look down the road to see if the bus is coming, you can be fined for, "intended jaywalking." Because you might not have time to stay on the shady side of the street, see the bus coming and cross Carson with the light, I'd recommend waiting for the bus right at the stop.

If you are at the stop and look over at the D, you will see above the pool the huge poster of legs and high heels. Then directly across the street from you,  on the parking garage,  is a sign that says, "to Fremont parking".
Remember this stop is only temporary and once the construction is done on Ogden I expect the stop will go back to right across from the Downtown Grand (old Lady Luck) where it was permanently moved last year from across directly the street from the Gold Spike.

You can also catch the BHX up near the Western, but I don't much like being up there in that neighborhood.The dropoff on the way back to downtown is in the same spot, between the Gold Spike and the Cabana rooms.
Coming back from Sam's Town you can catch the HDX at Nellis. Or you can catch the BHX right in front of the Eastside Cannery and then switch at Nellis or walk to Nellis in the first place. The HDX is a lot faster, less crowded, and with fewer down- and- out folks riding.