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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Adam from BLONDE'S BOARD reports this trip to RED ROCK CANYON

Dewey, you're posts are always helpful to me especially your bus info as I ride the bus religiously when in Vegas! If we're ever out there together theres a beer in it for you!!! My bus trip started at The Candlewood inn and suites on Paradise. My friend and I walked over to the flamingo and caught the 202 bus down to MD parkway...transferred at Maryland parkway to the 109 bus North until we got to charleston which is the 206 I believe and you go west on the 206 until the VERY END. The route ends just outside the entrance to Red Rock Station. Starting out on flamingo it was a very short bus ride from the corner of paradise to md pkwy, we had to wait about 10 minutes or so for the 109. Now the 109 is traditionally SLooooow. There are so many locals that use the 109 so it is almost like riding the deuce on the strip it's always stopping and stopping and stopping but today it seemed to go pretty quick and before we knew it we were getting off at Charleston. The bus heading west on charleston was just pulling up so we ran waving our arms yelling HOLD THE BOAT HOLD THE BOAT!!!! As loud as we could and luckily either someone told the bus driver 2 idiots were trying to catch the bus or she heard us yelling but she waited until we got there and on the 206 we went. We thanked the driver for waiting for us. This was the looongest bus ride of my life...i think it took like an hour or so. We went through a lot of las vegas's neighborhood until we got to Summerlin...we passed by a nail place that had a picture of Barack Obama on the front and it said something about Obama pedicures or something like that. We thought that was pretty funny. A couple people got on the bus that sat next to us and they were pretty friendly to talk to. We discussed alot of current events and I guess they thought I was a local cuz they seemed surprised to find out I was a tourist. I don't imagine a lot of tourists make the trek out to red rock on the bus. The trip was worth the time it took to get out there and back for me as I redeemed 120 in chip for 100 coupon form the LVA and I expected it to be like the Sahara 50 for 40 where you get 50 bucks in non negotiable chips. This was actually even better because they gave me 100 dollars in negotiable chips I could cash in at anytime and 20 dollars in non negotiable chips which you had to lose at least once. I ended up making mad money at the table. Like a couple hundred dollars or so...not a bad little win which paid for my whole trip. I would definately do it again and yes it is very safe. Adam


Friends Les and Gerry have taught me a great deal about riding the bus.  Off they will go with a coupon in their hand for a two for one buffet and visit a new casinos just to see and play a bit.
They report: "If anyone is interested in going to Red Rock casino, it's a fairly easy trip on the bus. We caught the Charleston bus going west on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston. Catty corner from the Walgreens on Las Vegas Boulevard. It takes you to Red Rock, which is their last stop on the route."

I certainly had not even considered Red Rock as a destination by bus.  It seems so far out there.
I wonder if once there, there is a way to hop their shuttle. 

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