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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gold Line as of February 2010


January 2010 conversation with RTC

I had a nice talk with a bus representative about this change, and I feel much better about it.
She assured me that the DTC will operate until they are ready at the new station.  She estimated that it would open later this year, sometime in the Fall and there would be plenty of news about the opening.

She explained the ACE should solve the issues of people who have rooms downtown and want to access the strip.  The ACE will go right along the strip and basically supplement the Deuce travel, however it will not do every Deuce stop and will hold 112 people, so it should eliminate the overcrowding issues.   It will also be faster:
  •  There will not be as many stops as there are on the Deuce
  •   Boarding is level with the bus
  •   Fare is all prepaid and no fares are collected by the driver so boarding is speeded up
  •   For part of the route the ACE has its own dedicated lane.

1.  Will the ACE GOLD allow luggage?
The ACE will not enable folks to move large luggage but it will not restrict all luggage.  Here is the way it is determined.  First, it is at the discretion of the driver.  Second, you are limited to what will fit in your personal space (under the seat/pm your lap/ in front of you.  I come with largest suitcase I can bring on the plane, a sleep apnea machine, and a computer.  No strip hopping for me.  However, those of you who pack light may be able to think about staying in one strip casino and using the ACE to get to another.  Good news, but not the greatest.  Other routes allow lots of luggage.  My next trip will be on the 108 and the 201 and the 202 with luggage and even my big stuff is no issue.

2. Can I buy a three day senior citizen reduced fare at all the vending machines that service the ACE GOLD?
Yes, you can.  If you have your senior ID card, it has a magnetic strip on the back and the machine will read that and bring up your fares. Unlike the one day passes, these 3 day passes are not activated when purchased, but when first used on the bus, so if you take one home with you, you can use it on your next trip for the bus from the airport.  There is no machine at the airport, but they are all over town and will be up and running to support the ACE. 

3.  In the Fall will I be able to get to the Bonneville Terminal from downtown (often too sketchy to walk) on a residential bus? 
Yes.  Pick up the 108 at Las Vegas Blvd and Ogden.
When busing for only one day, it is a savings getting to the Bonneville terminal on a residential (general market) bus so as to pick up any other bus in that class (senior citizens pay just $2.00 for 24 hour pass, if they don't ride ACE or Deuce)

There are going to be some informative "fairs" this coming month.  Any readers going?  If so, would you please ask about where to buy the 3 day senior reduced fair all access pass as well as questions about accessing the new Bonneville DTC when it opens later this Fall?  Thanks.


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