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Thursday, February 11, 2010


109 -

108 -

June 2010:  Note that the 108 no longer jogs along Las Vegas Blvd but goes out Paradise to Main.  So you can't go from the airport to Circus Circus on that route with luggage.

The ACE bus will not go to the airport.
The 108 and 109 will still service the airport after the changes. 
Go to ground level zero by taking the elevator that is oversized and has glass for a view of the terminal as you ride.
When you exit at ground zero, turn to the right and go all the way down.
There is a bus stop and the 108 or 109 will get you downtown from there in 45 minutes.
You can also change buses from those routes, and ride Flamingo or Tropicana buses to casinos on those streets.
If you want to do that, in most cases you want to take the 108 at the airport.
The 109 crosses those streets, but at a distance from the strip.  It might be nice for going to Eastside Cannery with a transfer to the Flamingo bus.  The bus frees tourists without cars from narrowing their stays to the Strip or downtown.  Even Boulder Highway can be reached easily.

You can't ride the Deuce with the kind of large luggage you take when traveling on a plane.  However, the new ACE will allow luggage that fits in your personal space (under seat/on lap/in front of you).  That will make moving from one strip property to another more accessible if you pack light for Vegas.  I pack too heavy and I am too big to have this work for me.  Too bad.

From the airport I have taken the 109 twice and the 108 twice and found both easy, but my buddy took the 109, and he ended up going in the wrong direction, so ask the driver if the 109 bus goes North to downtown or South to the South Strip Transfer Terminal, or you will have to ride there and then wait for it to come back.  You don't have to worry about direction using the 108.

The least crowded day from the airport is Sunday. Since that is a fine day to start a frugal Vegas adventure, and avoid the high priced weekend, it is convenient.
The 108 will also drop you downtown at that same spot you may have experienced on the Deuce just on the side of the Walgreen's. This is very safe for walking to all the downtown casinos.

The 109 will get you a bit closer to the El Cortez, but in a less tourist neighborhood.  Even if I am going to the El Cortez, I prefer most times to walk from Walgreen's where a I add some juice and a few snacks to my luggage.

Walking from the current DTC is only a good idea if your casino is close to that area. California is right across the street from the DTC. Main Street Station is close too.  In the Fall when the DTC changes to Bonneville, other strategies will be required.

This past August trip I walked to the Plaza once from the current DTC and once from that stop near Freemont at Walgreen's. It was hot. The most comfortable walk was the walk was to stay under the canopy as long as possible.
Note also that you may be arriving and need snacks for the room or some favorite toiletry the airport security confiscated. Walgreen's is right there where the 108 drops.

The 108 will NOT get you directly to Terribles from the airport (you'd have to walk back from Swenson or take the Flamingo bus). However, if you are staying at Terribles, a free shuttle will pick you up for free at Ground Zero in their shuttle. I use Terribles not for much gambling, but as a good, cheap location to access the strip at Flamingo or the Palms and Gold Coast as well as the cheapest egg and fruit breakfast available because their 2 for 1 coupons are good for 50% for solo travelers and half the time they give me a funbook with some free buffets.
Ground Zero is also where the Laughlin bus picks up and drops off at the airport. Is is just steps from the 108/109 stop.

Remember to consider the 24 hour pass when coming into downtown from the airport. Ask yourself if you are going to use the bus again while the pass is good. Often the pass I buy at the airport gets me out to the strip the next day, and then I buy a new pass at 2AM after long strip poker sessions. That second pass then gets me out to the strip and perhaps even back on the next day if I come home a bit earlier.

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  1. note: As of Sunday, March 28, there is no longer a route 116.


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