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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gold Coast Shuttle changes drop locations/ 202 review

The Gold Coast/ Orleans shuttle now stops in the Forum Shop area of Caesar's and not way down Flamingo near Ellis Island.  This is good news for some, but bad news for others, especially those who liked going to Ellis Island from the Gold Coast.

Sooooo  it seems to me we need to update on the 202 bus that goes down Flamingo.  Here is an excellent discussion board post on that topic.  This bit is from poster Raisengoo:

The 202 Eastbound stops almost in front of the Palms, but just a little bit east. It's only maybe a 2-3 minute walk from their front entrance.

The 202 Westbound stops multiple places in this area, including exactly in front of the Gold Coast. Don't be tempted to get off when it reaches the
Rio. Stay on and the very next stop is the Gold Coast.

May I suggest visiting and putting in "Palms Casino, Las Vegas"-- doing this will show you the bus stops (little blue icons with a bus) on both sides of the street. A picture is worth a thousands words.

The 202 is considered a residential route. One-way trip is $2. A two hour pass is $3. A 24 hour pass is $5. Passes are good on all RTC bus routes.


A more detailed discussion is here:


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  1. It is true that some people might find it convenient that the shuttle is travelling a shorter route to save waiting time. However, I for one, think it has emerged as a hassle for those who wish to visit Gold Coast and have to make 2 or more trips as compared to just one.


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