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Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Eve Detours


  1. Dewey,
    What is the process for renewing my reduced fare (senior) photo i.d. card. My card expires in July, 2015, and I am taking a trip to Las Vegas in July. Do I need to go to the BTC and get my picture taken again, and then they will give me a card? That's what I did 5 years ago, so I assume the process is the same. Is there a charge? Thanks for all the help you give to those of us who like to get around on the bus! Keep up the fine work! Connell

    1. There is no charge. Yes, you go to the BTC and ask for a renewal. I renewed mine in 5 minutes because they used the same photo so I did not have to have my photo taken. If you have to ride the bus after your expiration, just flash the card and they won't see the expiration, or tell them you are on your way for nenewal. Also, remember that Medicare cards work also for reduced fare, but it is good to get the ID in case you want to buy something at a machine.

    2. Thanks for clarifying this issue for me! Can you also tell me what would be the best bus to take from the airport to get to the BTC?

    3. Sorry, I just missed this. I don't visit this blog enough. The WAX, is the best bus, but it only comes once an hour. 108 or 109 come more often and will get you to the BTC

    4. You can see the schedules here:


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