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Saturday, February 15, 2014

new bus routes to terminal 3

Starts on March 2

March 2
Both the WAX and the  CX will drop off and pick up at Terminal 3.  This will be a great benefit for International travelers.  Each bus makes one stop near the strip (CX on Spring mtn Road and LV blvd. /// WAX on Tropicana outside NYNY.} and both  buses go to downtown.
There is a shuttle between the two terminals.
Domestic travelers arriving at Terminal 1 and shuttling to Terminal 3 could now get on a bus that would access the strip at Spring Mtn Road directly from the airport.  So it opens up the possibility of staying at Wynn, TI, Venetian, Mirage and getting very close by residential bus from the airport.  I'd expect both of the buses to comfortably accommodate luggage unlike crowded strip buses where large suitcases can be a nuisance.

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