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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Basics in buying an all access senior pass

24 hour passes on residential buses are $5, but are technically not good on SDX and Deuce.  You can get them as you board a residential bus like the WAX because residential buses all have drivers who take fares. 
Those passes at Walgreen's are not 24 hour passes, but 15 or 30 day passes, probably longer than most folks visit.  However, the advantage there is for seniors. and a visit of just 4 days is enough to realize some savings. 
There is no senior reduction on SDX or Deuce buses, but buying a 15 or 30 day pass gives seniors all access to all buses for that period, so it makes riding strip buses very cheap. 
Be certain to validate the pass before you hop on the SDX.  This starts the 15 or 30 day period.  If you first board a residential bus or the Deuce, when you swipe the card it will validate and start the clock ticking, but the SDX is a hop on and hop off bus.  You don't want to have to hop off, perhaps in a bad neighborhood to validate the card in a machine because an inspector sees that you have not had the time of first travel stamped on the card.  You should have a senior RTC ID to show the driver or to bring up reduced priced menu at SSTT.
For seniors the 15 day pass is just $17 at Walgreen's and other places like SSTT or BTC, so it is cheaper than a 3 day pass on a strip bus.  A 30 day pass is $32.50 for seniors.
You do need proof that you are a senior when using that pass.   Most of us have a picture ID made free at the BTC.  It takes about 15 minutes.  However, I have seen signs that say a Medicare card will work.  I have not tried that because I got the ID before I turned 65 and so  before my Medicare card.  The ID is good for 5 years.
There are other places around Vegas to buy passes, but most are not where tourists would be likely to travel.
Other visitors I know have taken the 109 out of the airport to Maryland and Flamingo and bought them at a nearby store (Albertson's I think) and then used them to get to the strip via Flamingo. 
You can also buy one in a machine at the SSTT by taking the 109 from the airport South.  However, to get the reduced senior rate you will need a senior ID.  You put that in the machine and it will bring up the menu of reduced fares. I did not like using the machine.  I like to get mine from a person.  However, if you were staying South strip, you could take the 109 to the SSTT, get the pass,  and use it to take a strip bus to your South Strip casino.  I took the SDX to Paris with large luggage and the crowd coming into the bus at Paris was very hard to fight in order to get out.  If I did that again I'd take the Deuce because the exit door is not an entrance door as well. 
I generally stay downtown, so I arrange my trip to take the easy WAX from the airport to downtown for a dollar (senior rate) and then I can get settled and at my leisure buy a 15 or 30 day pass at Walgreen's.  The WAX is made for luggage and even my large suitcase is no trouble.


  1. Is it true that over 60 can show a medicare card for $1 off $2 Wax ticket to downtown? Also how is bus marked that goes downtown close to Golden Nugget?

    1. Remember that there are two classes of buses. There is no reduction in fares for seniors on the Deuce or sdx buses. You must ride a residential bus, which is pretty much all other buses. I'm gathering you are riding one leg at a time. 24 hour passes with senior proof are only $2.50 on a residential bus. Or as you note $1 each leg. And yes, your Medicare card will work as proof of age, but getting an ID at the BTC is better. It works in some machines. Free and good for 5 years but it does mean a visit to the btc to have your photo taken. So, WAX is residential. If you grab it at the airport and ride downtown, showing your Medicare card, the ride will be $1. Don't buy in the machine. Buy from the driver. WAX will take you close to the Golden Nugget from level zero at the airport. It will deliver you behind the casinos. Ask the driver for the exact spot to exit, 4th and Carson. When you go back to the airport, you catch the WAX right in front of Binions. Check the schedule there for the times as it runs about every hour and not in late hours.

    2. You probably don't have a Medicare card unless you are over 65. At 60 you can apply for the BTC pass.


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