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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Interesting Strangers

met many interesting strangers while traveling around.  I was unsure of where to catch the SDX after being dropped off at the Tropicana by the 201 from the Orleans.  Wild Bill thought I should go South.  I thought I should go North, but there was all this construction.  I asked the driver and she sent me North.  As I excited a woman I think was Vietnamese said, "Just follow me;  I'm going to that stop." and so we struck up a conversation that lasted all the way to the Riviera.
She had lived in LA with her three boys in a tiny apartment that cost $1100 a month.  She worked minimum wage jobs so all her money was going into rent.  Her drug addicted husband was constant trouble in spite of being separated and she had a mother to care for as well.
She decided to go to Las Vegas and see if she could make it.  And she was thrilled to be a success.  She works at a Home Depot and has managed a three bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood for half of what her tiny place cost in LA. 
Her boys get free after school child care.  Soon she will bring her mother too.  And the husband seems much farther away. She was happy and proud.

On the SDX one other time going downtown there were three girls who were lively and having a good time.  One was from Scotland.  One was singing songs and doing the facial and hand gestures of a stage presentation. 
A tall Black man with a huge Afro and a backpack sat in front of them, but when a couple came on the bus and looked for seats, he offered his and moved to sit next to the Scottish girls.  That started a very interesting conversation in which each told parts of their lives.  He was not hitting on them, but going home to watch "The Good Wife" on television. 
It seems he sells bootleg beer from his bag on the strip and so they bought a couple cans at $2 each.
The couple that entered wore black T shirts that said bride and groom.  They were not beautiful people, but short and quirky looking, but they were beautifully happy.  Three house ago they had gotten married after being together a few years and they were in love and finding the celebration a great deal of fun.  A few wedding guests were in the front of the bus.  I loved the idea of getting married and then taking the bus.

Once the girls discovered all of this, they were very excited and got up to take pictures.  They popped open the beers and gave them to the newly married couples and it was laughter and smiles all around. 

I could see it all easily from my side seat in the SDX. 

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