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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trip from downtown to Sam's Town now over 40 minutes but Fiesta Henderson closer

It is a much better deal now to grab the Sam's Town free shuttle at California.  That trip is just 25 minutes.  The HDX no longer stops at Nellis and the BHX is longer, with more stops and starts, and a pretty tough clientel as well.
However, the HDX can get us to Fiesta Henderson in a little over a half hour now.  That opens up the possibility of staying or playing there for part of a long trip. 


  1. Dewey,
    If I (as a senior) purchase a 24 hour reduced pass, does that allow me to take a ride on the Deuce and SDX? Thanks for all your great information.

  2. Technically, you must have a local ID to have all access with a 24 hour residential pass. However, some try it and few to none are checked for local ID n the Deuce or SDX. If you try to ride the strip with a 24 hour residential, I'd stick to the Deuce because you will know right away whether it will work or not. On the SDX you won't know until a bus person comes around to check your pass and could risk being put off in an undesirable neighborhood. Many of us are in Vegas long enough to make the 15 day or 30 day passes at the senior rate a good deal. These are all access and no local ID is required.

  3. Dewey,
    I am thinking of staying downtown for my next Vegas vacation. What bus numbers would get me to a stop downtown? I understand the Wax bus only runs once an hour, so I would probably prefer another bus route. Thanks!


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