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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Senior Bus Pass Rates and Issues after 9-11

For now I am going to collect information on this site.  Later I'll incorporate the most current here and then post other places with this address.  At this point I am hoping some of those who ride buses and read in this area can add some information and so move us to something more definitive.

Looks like both 5 and 30 day bus passes for seniors are still alive. They can be bought at the BTC.  Perhaps no longer at Walgreen's.  Here is the research.

Here is what poster


on American Casino Guide board wrote:

OK, I emailed the RTA and this was their response to the question of "would the 3/5 day reduced passes be accepted on the Strip/SDX:

If you are a local or you already have a reduced fare ID card these passes will be accepted.

Thank you,

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

Customer Service/RTC Comments

(702) 676-1500

(702) 676-1638 fax

September 28 - I talked to another RTC rep who just gave up on me as I continued to press my questions.  She was nice, but she said I should talk to someone who knew the answers.  She contradicted herself.
She said the the new Vending Machine at the airport was geared for the tourist and had the premium 24 hour passes.  The driver still issued the others.  Reported today was that a fellow board member took the residential 24 hour pass, used in on the WAX and then again on the SDX and maybe again later on the Deuce.
No real resolution of the senior issues I want to address.  I am a long way from having enough to put into an article for the AARP.


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