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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Airport to hotel

I think the shuttle from the airport is good deal, especially solo, unless you are near NYNY or downtown and then the WAX is a better deal, unless you just hit it after one bus leaves and even then I like it.
I like the WAX plus 201 to the Orleans because it is always the last shuttle stop, and rather than a bumpy ride around the town, I like sitting at the NYNY bus stop and watching the people on the walkway and enjoying the last of the themed Vegas Casinos.
And the whole ride cost is equal to the shuttle tip.

But to places on the strip where no luggage bus easily goes, the shuttle is better. I don't like much waiting anywhere out Flamingo or Tropicana with luggage anymore unless I need a bus pass and I'm going to the strip in the Flamingo area.

Then I might take the 109 to stop at a Walgreen's
1180 E. Flamingo Rd.
702-836-9119 (call ahead and ask)
and get a 5 day all inclusive senior pass (if they still sell it) and then wait to go to the strip via the 202 if that is my destination.
If I am on the strip I can't get a senior discount in any vending machine. So it would set me up for the bus.
Flamingo at Maryland in the daytime is no problem with luggage waiting for the 202.
It cost me $1 to get there. Then I use my 5 day pass.
Of I can pay $2 for 24 hour residential, and activate the 5 day all access ($10) later.
Lots of interesting college like places to eat in and around Maryland/Flamingo as well. Even with my suitcase I can probably find a snack if I am hungry. Lately, I get to Vegas in the morning.
If you do this just remember to take the right 109 bus, North, ask the driver if he goes toFlamingo in about 22 minutes. If you take the bus to the south terminal then it is over an hour. But I guess you can do that and get the 5 day and then take the 109 to Tropicana or whereever.

I think the shuttle back to the airport is time consuming and risky. I try to end my trip usually at the El Cortez with one of the most delightful rides in their little car with the driver who talks sports betting and poker. On time, reliable, and direct. I can play poker up until 40 minutes to the airport, get my bags from the bellman, and be in the airport on time.
I hate that feeling on the shuttle where the driver is calling all these hotels and saying things I can't understand and being sent all these new places and waiting for folks who are late and he was thirty minutes late anyway for me although I was an hour and a half early and in the lobby bored to death and still I might be late because I did not leave two hours to wait in the lobby boed to death and will I make security? and just how many more freakin' stops does this guy have to make before he gets there.

If I am not at the El Cortez for my last two nights, I'd rather do the bus, and I will next trip. I'll roll my bags from Harrah's to the 202 ( good exercise before a 5-6 hour flight) go a few stops, then take the 108 on Paradise and be at the airport within a few minutes of my estimate. I can figure the times from the schedule and give myself a bus or two.
If I am awake early I can even stop just before the 108 at Terribles for breakfast, even with my rolling suitcase in tow.
I'm in charge. My luggage is in my hands and not being put off to reload someone else's luggage ( there is no, "will they remember to put my suitcase on again? Will they bang it and break my computer?")

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