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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Passes at Walgreen's

This comes from Facebook, the RTC site

Transit passes are available at Albertsons, Mariana’s and Walgreens. Find the closest location in your area!
In addition to the Bonneville Transit Center and the South Strip Transfer Terminal, the RTC has vendor locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley...
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    • Trinity Marler Walgreens was a good move, super easy!
      June 13 at 6:56pm · 
    • Dewey Hill Okay. If I am not a local and buy a 5 day pass at the Walgren's near Fremont Street, can I use it on the SDX or Deuce. If I buy a residential 24 hour pass can I use it on the SDX or Deuce ( the WAX bus driver says I can) If I can't use it without being a local, then what does it cost me to ride the Deuce after I have already bought a WAX residential or a 5 day pass? Upcharges are gone, right?
      June 14 at 11:54am · 
    • Regional Transportation Commission of Southern NevadaThanks for your feedback Trinity!
      June 14 at 6:56pm · 
    • Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada Hi Dewey, we provided your question to our Transit Department. We will get you a response as soon as possible. Thank you for posting your question.
      June 14 at 6:58pm · 
    • Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada 
      Hi Dewey. If you are not a local and are staying in Vegas for more than 24 hours, we advise you to purchase a 5-day pass in order to have access to the entire transit system, including the SDX and Deuce (no up charges and you do not need a local Nevada ID). The 24-hour residential pass is valid on the SDX and Deuce only when passengers present a local ID. Please be advised that Walgreens only sells the 30-day and 5-day passes. Thank you.
      June 15 at 7:18pm · 
    • Dewey Hill 
      Thanks. It continues to be confusing for all of us. I talk to quite a few tourists on Vegas discussion boards and it sure would be helpful to have this definitive kind of answer. The website fare structure says that the 5 day passes are not good on the strip routes. Then in September there is clearly another move to separate what senior tourists pay from what senior locals pay and in that announcement no 5 day pass is mentioned at all just the 3 day pass which other parts of the site suggest will be phased out in September. Right now it looks like as a senior tourist I would pay $10 and get to ride anything for 5 days. After Sept 11 I am unsure if that will still be the case. I'm planning my trip for November now, and it makes a difference where I decide to stay. Many of us senior travelers stay downtown because of the good bus service. $10 for 5 days is a good bit different than $7 for one day. I understand that you are in a huge confusing transition, but I hope soon that this fare business gets solved so it is clear and consistent regardless of who we ask. Thanks for this prompt reply.
      June 16 at 2:26am · 
    • Dewey Hill 
      Another tourist issue to address is what passes are available on the WAX. That is the first place we take the bus as we hit Vegas. It seems logical that right there we should be able to buy the 5 day or whatever pass we need for our stay in Vegas because right there is where we first board the bus. And the WAX drivers have told many of us that those 24 hour passes he gives us are good on any strip bus. The second stop puts us on the strip and ready to board Deuce/SDX I am still unsure what happens if we do what the WAX driver says and buy what he calls an all access 24 pass on the WAX and then get a different story from the driver on the Deuce driver or SDX checkers. If it is going to be no good on the SDX, and there is no upcharge to make it good, the driver should tell us just to get a one way pass and rebuy on the strip, or when we get downtown rebuy a 5 day at Walgreens if that is good for locals and tourists alike. But really what should happen is we should have the ability to buy what we need for the trip in a vending machine right there at the airport and know ahead of time what that will cost for toruists, seniors, whomever


  1. It is sort of stupid how one obtains a reduced rate pass, one must first ride the system paying regular fare just to get to the Bonneville Transit Center riding the Deuce, $5. Then prove you are 60+, then they issue you a reduced fare card. Then in order to ride the Express, you must either buy a 3 day pass for $10 reduced fare, or $3.50 for a 24 hour pass for $3.50, or a 2 hour pass for $2.50. So if you are staying for 4 days, it will cost $5 to get to the station to prove you are a senior etc, $10 for a 3 day pass, after the 3 day is up, buy a 24 hour pass for $3.50, totsl cost $18.50.....they should come up with a better process. Bruce in Dublin

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  3. Your frustration is justified, although some of the detail of what you say does not ring true. Basically, the difficulty of getting long term passes is there for tourists because the RTC wants them to pay more than locals for bus service.
    Since the senior ID is good for 5 years, that trip to the BTC should only need to be made once. Currently, those of us with reduced fare senior ID from our hometown bus company or a medicare card can ride reduced fare as well as those with the RTC ID. I suppose that would not fit your needs from Dublin. On trips after the ID is obtained, most of us just pay the reduced fare from the airport to get long term passes, riding the 109 North to Flamingo and heading to the local Albertson/Walmarts, or the 109 South to the SSTT and buying from a machine with a credit card, or stopping at the BTC on our way downtown, or buying from Walmarts downtown. It does cost that one fare, but it is not $5 but currently $1 and after Sept 30 $1.50 as I read the new rates. Right now 3 day passes are not available at reduced price, just 5 day or 30 day passes. I am uncertain as to what the rules will be for the new 15 day pass, but I am hoping it is all access for tourists as well as locals. After Sept 30 there will be no 5 day pass.

  4. Yes, just got back, it was $10 for a 5, not 3 day pass though I used it less than I thought I would, oh well. It wasn't a bad deal and now at least I have my 5 year ID. Used the SDX, that northern part is sure slow. But it beats driving. So I wonder what the scoop is for the $15 pass. I may just stop riding the bus and get a rental car. Which is what they don't want people to do, but guess what? I will drive if need be.


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