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Friday, July 15, 2011

Laughlin bus tours

I always liked Laughlin. Harrahs is supposed to be very nice there, but removed from the rest of the casinos, so if you take a cheap or free bus you will have a long walk to get to Harrah's. I only stayed at Edgewater, Colorado Belle, Tropicana, Riverside, Aquarius, and the old River Palms. Below are a few more sources of free bus trips. These will only take you for a day. If you wanted to go by bus and stay longer, you can use these folks, but the price is up there."] I have used them to stay for a week. The rooms are so cheap that it pays for the bus ride compared to Vegas rooms.  
It used to be a fine place for VP ( well, not Harrahs) but much of that has declined. Most threads reviewing Laughlin either like it or hate it. It is more laid back and definitely appeals to an older crowd. Of all the places I stayed, I best liked the Tropicana rooms. I used to have a host at Edgewater and get a great stretch of free rooms. My buddy Wild Bill likes to go for the golfing.  
I have a lot of watches from this place. Some were really good deals.  
I think that the same day bus serves many different marketing companies. At least there is an overlap in riders coming from different places.
The buffet that comes with the bus rides is very basic. Sort of a larger Terribles buffet. I have eaten there often and never gotten sick as some joke.  
Either the Colorado Belle or Edgewater adds free wine to the buffet, and you can sit out where you can see the river. I like that. I can always find something to eat, even at the basic places. Different days the buffet is better than others. I liked the weekend brunch buffets. 
The live poker options feature a 2-6 spread limit game. However, I found that most of the time I was playing with the same regulars regardless of casino and they were hard to beat. There is a 2-4 at Colorado Belle.
There is not much no limit except tournaments.

They rake an extra $2 for bonus awards so there are a lot of deals offered.  Freerolls or breakfast with early play or great bonus awards for cracked aces make the game fun.  The house rake caps at $3. one goes to Hoover Dam for 20 minutes as well.

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