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Sunday, August 15, 2010

tnvegas gives a Mixed Review of the ACE experience

tnVegas from Blonde's Board experienced his first Vegas bus recently (August 2010) and wrote this review:

They have changed the price of the 3 day bus pass to $20 which doesn't represent much of a savings, and we only needed it for two days, so we choose a daily pass for $7 each day.
The first day we caught the Deuce downtown bus stopped at a few places before we got town town - very good trip.
On the way back we caught the ACE back - avoiding most of the stops, but it was a very crowded bus and we never got a seat. Also, it was weird that there was no place to swipe our bus pass on this bus. There was a guard who looked for our pass, but it seemed like we could have used a week old pass since we just had to show him we had a pass in our hands. Later that night we took the deuce North and that was a nightmare - very slow and very crowded.
Day two on the bus we opted for the ACE bus again - first trip downtown was ok, but on the way back it was crowded again. We stopped at the back of the Sahara and went there for a bit.
On the way back we thought we would take the ACE bus again,  but we had to wait forever to catch it, and then the first bus was packed and we could not get on. The 2nd bus was crowded too, but at least we got on. However, we had to stand.
We were going to the Luxor. The stop for the Luxor was somewhat far from the Luxor entrance, but I guess we should not be too picky. It also took forever to travel on the strip due to traffic.  We wanted to go from the restaurant off of Tropicana but bascially gave up since we had to be back at the Luxor for a show and felt we didn't have enough time to do that and still make the bus.
So we felt the bus is a cheap alternative - you just can't be in a hurry to go anywhere since you never knew how long any single trip would take on the strip. I do think any route off strip would have been a lot better. We ended up not taking any of those.
We longed for a monorail system that actually was more convenient to use and would allow us to avoid the traffic on Las Vegas Blvd - like just above the Blvd,  not a couple blocks behind it. We are going to NY next month and know the subway system there is a lot better system than this.

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