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Sunday, August 15, 2010



NEW TRANSIT CENTER (coming sometime this Fall)

What will all that mean?

No more easy walks to the DTC.

The new transit center is to be located on Casino Center and Bonneville:
To get a sense of what it will look like, click on the link below
and scroll down to the Bonneville Transit Center.
That is the replacement for the DTC.


For other routes at the new Bonneville Station folks can catch the ACE from downtown and transfer at the station to other buses.  Coming into the station late at night from the lesser used bus routes, folks can make one transfer to get to downtown casinos.
However, this will increase the costs because the ACE /DEUCE  requires either a all access pass or an upcharge.
As the routes develop, we'll have to see if there is a way to access the new Bonneville DTC from downtown on a reduced fare general market pass rather than the more expensive all access pass.  This means a $5 savings a day for seniors who will do all their traveling that day on non strip routes because in the new fare schedule there is no reduced fare for 24 hours of the strip routes, only for 3 days or strip routes.


Because the bus company will actually own the new Bonneville Transit Center, it has been designed with sustainability in mind.  We can expect it will serve us for many years and that it can more easily be adapted to rider needs as they emerge.

I don't have answers to all the details.  We will have to wait and see how things develop.
The Bonneville Station will be very comfortable itself and state of the art.
One thing I learned is that those with bicycles will not only be able to store them at the station, but will be able to shower before heading out to work on the ACE and will be able to arrange to service and repair bikes right there at the bus station.   
Multi-modal is the word of the day.

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