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Friday, January 8, 2010


You cannot bring large luggage on the Deuce.  The ACE too restricts you to those packages that fir in your space.  Since many folks shop outlets and carry huge shopping bags, this might be a way to carry luggage, put it in a large shopping bag.  Small luggage probably will not be questioned. All other lines allow luggage and many, like the 108/109 expect it.

Luggage on the 108 may get easier to carry. The notes on this route say it will have room for luggage.

Buses really change what you thought was possible in terms of Vegas mobility, especially if you pack light so you don't have huge luggage to cart in and out of the bus. They make it very easy for a low roller to stay a long while and patch together free room offers without those huge cab expenses added for moving from place to place.

I really thought that I needed to downsize my luggage in order to ride buses, but then I planned this 23 day trip. I travel with a computer and a sleep apnea machine. I wanted enough clothes for at least half my days and I wanted room to take things home. So I took the same large suitcase I've been taking and hoped for the best.
In that suitcase I could pack everything except the apnea machine and the wide wheel base made for easier rolling because there was none of that wrist twist of small bags. Also I packed a soft bag so that when I came home I could dump all the playing cards I buy, all the heavy things and so get under Southwest's weight of 50 pounds. On the bus all of that was in the big suitcase. My computer was not visible to anyone seeing me rolling along the Vegas roads.
In my last bus there was a woman in a motorized chair, so I had to position myself so that when it was time for her to exit (before me) by bag would not be in her way. Otherwise, I did not even have to think too much about it, nor did I feel awkward or a bother to my fellow travelers. Some had more cumbersome luggage than I did.
In the airport I quickly repacked before check it.
By the way, if you are just a bit assertive you can use the scales outside the terminal without waiting in any lines to see if your bag is too heavy.
Of course, it is better to pack light. Hand washing is easy in Vegas because everything dries overnight and is ready to go again. I'll reduce my clothing again next trip. I especially enjoyed these white golf shirts that I bought on sale in Florida. I don't golf, but these were great for the hot Vegas weather.

And buses are comfortable, generally air conditioned well, and they have automatic taped recordings of the upcoming stops with the points of interest. It is so much easier than when I first came to Vegas.

coming from the airport I wrote
"The doors are very wide, the step up and down is very small. Even my large suitcase, when I sat in the side seats, did not obstruct anyone passing. The 108 I caught was a single bus with a trailer that doubled the size. We left with a dozen people and lost many of them before we got to Main St. Even then it was not at all crowded. Plenty of seats and room to maneuver."

Staying at Terribles or at the Tuscany and using the bus to access the strip is very safe and easy. On the return trip the bus stops right in front of each casino so there is no worry of being on Flamingo late at night and having to walk through any dark shadows.

At the Tuscany, if you get a room in building B, you will have just a few steps from the stop to your door. The bus is as close as the casino.

The notes on the 108 for 2010 include some mention of room for luggage. It is possible that 108 buses have been redesigned to more easily accomodate travelers with luggage from McCarren.

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