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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Can2do suggests that folks might like more information on how to use the bus to do shopping and especially how to include shopping with other bus agendas.

This is a great idea.  Let me start it off with barley nothing because I don't shop:

1. If you are coming in on the 108 from the airport, you will be dropped at a 24 hour Walgreen's where you can get the drinks, snacks, forgotten toiletries, etc.  and really unpack in the room.
2. The 116 goes to the Fashion Show Mall where once my wife and I replaced her wedding ring that keeps slipping with a nice band that cost $15.  Since then we've been adding replacements, but that one is her favorite when it isn't green.  And so is the story.
3. The Tropicana bus or the Bill's Coast shuttle will take you to the Orleans where last I looked they sold playing cards at fifty cents a deck that can be used in home games because they are not black marked.  Dice were a quarter.

Sorry, all the rest of my shopping I do on Freemont Street and in one shop in Planet Hollywood.  I do know that either the 108 or the 115 gets us to some outlet mall because I see folks pack in the bus with their treasures of name brand clothes.
I buy my name brand clothes down here in Florida at the Beall's Outlet where a wonderful shirt might cost $3 to $5 and jeans that are online for $42 are $12.
I got some this week. Some of them are slightly irregular, but then so am I. 
I found a similar outlet in Laughlin when I quit gambling  to go to the mall, and I shopped there.  I only bought a pair of sunglasses.  Beall's has great sunglasses. Then I got the senior discount and went to the movies and used the free refill on popcorn to bring some back to the room for a snack. 
I am very good at shopping for food; that's why I am so irregular.

Here is Can2Do's favorite shopping access route the 202.
Dewey, one of the easiest bus routes to shopping is the Flamingo East bus.  For those on center Strip, you catch it by Bally's and get back off at Caesar's side door or near Bill's.  Weekdays it runs approx. every 20 minutes.   You get off on the east side of Maryland (watch for Walgreens & Target on the NW corner of Flamingo so you know when to pull the buzzer.  There is an Olive Garden (SE), TJ Maxx, Albertsons, & Band of America (NE), Target & Walgreens (NW).  Now these don't seem very exciting for your average American, but when these stores are unique or you need supplies or a break this is a relatively easy trip.   Also somewhere just south of the corner is a US Post Office.

If you're so inclined you can walk north on Maryland to Best Buy, Marshalls, & a few other stores until you reach the Mall.  Dillards is gone but there is a Macy's and a J.C. Pennys.  You can catch a bus (#109W?) and end up back at Fashion Show Mall.  Before you leave Maryland, you could cross the street and pick up food or liquor at Von's. 

What I'm trying to figure out is the easiest route to reach a Wal-Mart, preferably a Super W-M, from center strip.

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