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Friday, October 19, 2012

Bus Passes that are all access

I received three reports from well done interviews of BTC clerks and the news on 15 day and 30 day passes is that they are all access without the need for a local ID. Senior passes of course demand the senior ID.

Here is the note from Weas:

Hi Dewey,

Just back from Vegas. I went to the BTC on Sat. 10-12. I spoke with Cristy. She indicated the 15 day reduced fare ticket was good on all routes including Duece, SDX. I asked her this twice and twice asked don't you need a local NV ID for it to be valid on Deuce and SDX, she said, "No, only a senior id."

She also said all denomination of coins are good on the bus, although she didn't know about the Sacagawea dollar coins. She asked how long I was in Vegas, and I said, "5 days." She indicated I would come out much better buying the 15 day reduced fare ticket for $17.50. I once again asked about it being all access and she said," Yes."

I obtained my senior fare id, in the past I have been able to obtain the old 5 day pass at Walgreens with my DL and medicare card.

Although I had a car my first four days, I returned it on Wednesday and took the WAX to the Suncoast. I put my $1.00 in and the driver wasn't interested in seeing my senior fare ID.

While downtown I notice a lady checking passes at Binion's stop and giving people information. Unlike a former poster she did not appear to have an attitude but was just being helpful.

I hope this information is helpful and valid when you go to Vegas.

Yes, very helpful indeed.

Keno 60 reported the experience this way

Just got back. I am going to make this quick! Went down to Bus center asked about 15 day pass it is all access! I asked 2x and looked at the machine outside the center and it said all access! I did not try to use 24 hr. res. on the strip. I was able to purchase a 5 day at the Walgreens downtown and they said they would sell them till they ran out! I questioned and they said " if it doesn't work bring it back".


And Pebbles too asked the questions and received similar answers:

Pebbles wrote: "I went to ask the other day and they assured me that the 15 day and 30 day passes were indeed all access. All the shorter duration passes require local ID. "

I'd say that this puts to rest any worry until the next time the schedules and rates change, certainly no sooner than a year from now.

Many thanks to all three of these investigators. Note the 24 hour residential pass still requires a local ID and the fact that the website chart forgets to star the 15 day pass is just an error, perhaps intentional.
15 day passes for seniors at $17 sure beats a 3 day strip pass at $20.
These can be purchased in machines at the SSTT, at the BTC, or at the downtown Walgreen's as well as many other vendors around the city. Most don't overlap much with tourist itineraries, but taking the 109 from the airport to Flamingo will put you near a Walgreen's and an Alberson's that would sell them a pass for the rest of the journey. Here is the list of vendor's. Always call ahead and ask if they still have them.

And I think the promotion that gives you breaks in downtown eateries if you show you bus pass is still in effect. Four Queens especially honors these passes although for seniors it is a wash because they discount seniors at the same rate. Check with the provider to see if they will give the discount. Call before you go if you can. Sometimes it takes them a while to check this rarely used coupon deal.

Thanks again Keno60, Pebbles, and Weas.


Oh, just a note on the Sacajawea dollar coin. It does work in the bus coin boxes. Some riders find it easier to carry and drop coins when their hands are full than to fiddle with threading a dollar through the machine.

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