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Friday, September 7, 2012

WAX delays

Recently reported delays in the WAX.  If this is a pattern rather than an abberation, we'll have to take a new look at this route.

Also, some take the 108 if it comes first.  Here is my calculation on 108 vs WAX.  Maybe I have the math right. Probably not. But it's my mathematical story and I'm stickin' to it:

RTC estimates the trip from the airport to downtown casinos on the WAX as 26 minutes.
The trip on the 108 just to get to the Bonneville Transit Center is 38 minutes, and then we have to walk or get on another bus to get to the casinos. Most of us will not want to walk with luggage from the BTC to downtown, but even if we are up for that, taking the 108 means walking fifteen minutes while waiting for the WAX means sitting.
I imagine any of the buses to the casino area to be at least another 10 minutes with boarding and waiting. For me it means offloading an 80 pound suitcase and loading it again on another bus as well as having to pick which one to take.(not the 107) I'd rather just sit at ground zero, get on and get off near Fremont.

So I estimate the difference in trip time to be 22 minutes with the 108 coming in the slower option even if it is right there at ground zero when we arrive. It we wait say only 10 minutes for the 108, ( which comes about every half hour) well...... now the 108 saves us just 6 minutes on the trip over the WAX.

It depends on whether we want to sit at ground zero longer or ride the bus and hold on to our luggage longer and then reload it.

The WAX is cheaper if we just want a one way ride. $2 as compared to $5 for youngsters. If we are going to change buses at the BTC because we picked the 108, we will want one of those 24 hour passes. Well, we could get away with $4 by paying again at the BTC for another one way pass.

So using an extra 6 minutes to ride the SDX bus saves us at least $2. If I have my math right, that means by sitting at ground zero on average we will earn at least $20 an hour (but we would need to do that for ten trips to get one hour's pay.) Still, it is better odds than the slots.

However, if we have business at the BTC, ie, Having our photo taken for the senior ID pass, or asking some bus questions (like whether our residential 24 hour pass we just bought on the 108 is good on all buses or whether a five day residential pass might be good for us on all buses,) or talking through a trip we are planning, or picking up a new schedule book, or checking out where we are going to store our bikes, well.... the 108 might allow us to get all that done right at the beginning of our trip. Some of us might never visit the BTC again.

If before we leave, we write down a portion of the bus schedule for the WAX for the rough times we would expect to arrive at ground zero, we can use it to make informed decisions on which bus to take once we know our actual arrival time at ground zero.

WAX does not run an hour apart on the hour. That is just an estimate.
Consider your airport arrival times to get a sense of how long you might wait.
Times between WAX buses can be as short at 26 minutes and so shorter than the wait for the 108.
For example, I expect on my usual run from Albany to Vegas that I would most likely catch the 5:42PM WAX at ground zero. If I miss it, the next bus is 26 minutes later at 6:08PM.

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