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Monday, March 26, 2012

Safe to walk the BTC to Downtown casinos?

Interesting discussion on this thread that includes talk of taking the bus after midnight from the airport to downtown.

It is interesting to me that those who answer that it is perfectly safe also reported that they never lock their houses at home, leave the door open when they do shopping, and find walking from the strip to downtown after midnight safe as well.

I remember when I used to drive a car in Vegas and head from the strip to downtown after midnight, I'd almost always see a couple policecars, three of four miscreants spread out on cars. I would not want to walk through that, especially when police cars were not present and the miscreants unretrained.
So, for me, those posters lost credibility by including those other behaviors. They further convinced me that the walk from the BTC to downtown after midnight was a poor decision.


  1. In my country to go to downtown i always use bus because its cheap, but in the night i prefer taxy because more safe.

  2. Buses are safe at night in Vegas, but you have to know the drop offs. If you go downtown by bus, it is better not to get off at the BTC, but to take a bus that drops close to Fremont Experience.


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