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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MGM to downtown for a night visit

If you are just visiting downtown to see it, the time to go is at night. It is pretty dull during the day. The light show livens it up and there are sometimes bands and entertainment right under the canopy at night as well as vendors. It gets especially rocking on weekends when there may be three bands playing along the walk under the canopy.

If you leave from MGM, the fastest and easiest way to get downtown is to wait for the SDX right in front of the MGM as that will be very fast. It has fewer stops than the Deuce and is usually less crowded. It boards differently as well so that takes less time. You buy your twenty four hour pass from a machine there on the street at the stop (correct change or charge card only), hop on the bus at one of three entrances, and ride to downtown. An inspector may pass through and ask to see the bus pass. The SDX won't run after about midnight so coming back, you will probably need to take the Deuce.


Or you can walk over to NYNY and pick up the WAX bus on Tropicana right there in front of the circle. This is the airport to downtown bus and the fastest ride downtown. There won't be any characters on this one, hardly anyone at all. It runs about once an hour. Check the schedule.

You will see that the last WAX leaves about ten thirty.

The 24 hour pass for the WAX bus could be bought from the driver for five dollars, but technically that pass won't be good on the Deuce that will probably be the bus you will choose to take you back to the MGM, so you may want an all access pass at 7 dollars just to be on the safe side. Locals with a local ID can use either on the Deuce. Many folks here have used the five dollar pass and not been asked for a local ID. I have never heard of anyone asked for local ID, but want you to know about the technicality.


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