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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How and Why to get a senior ID

To get a senior reduced fare you have to prove you are 60 and go to the Bonneville Transit Center and have your photo taken and a reduced fare ID made for you on the spot. This takes 15 minutes.
This is good for 5 years.
Even folks from other countries have gotten them with passport.

This allows you reduced fare on all buses except the Deuce and the SDX and on those buses as well with a 5 day all access pass available at Walgreen's downtown or at Walgreen's Albertsons or a machine near Flamingo and Maryland or at many other vendors around town.
Any one way trip on any bus except those two will be just a $1 and a 24 hour pass will be $2.
Popular routes other than Deuce SDX include:
Flamingo 202 that gives access to Gold Coast, Rio Palms, the strip at Bally's, Ellis Island, Tuscany, Terribles, Sam's Town and the Eastside Cannery.
Tropicana 201 that gives access to the Orleans or the Pinball hall of Fame.
You ID also allows you to buy long term passes from the BTC or from certain vendor's around town including that Walgreen's downtown.
And with it in your pocket, your next airport trip on the WAX is just $1 one way or $2 from 24 hours.
WAX also gets you to Suncoast and Rampart is under a mile walk.
106 gets you to Texas Station and Fiesta.
Such bus convenience for such little money means you can book a cheap hotel off strip and still roll back safely at 3AM.

5 day passes are all access.  i was assured of that at the BTC.
They told me on Facebook and in person at the BTC that no local ID was required for a 5 day all access pass.
24 hour passes are not all access unless you have a local ID. Few bus drivers or inspectors ask for the ID, but those are the rules.
Residential buses will give you limited strip access. The WAX drops at Tropicana and the Centennial Express drops around the Fashion Show mall.

While riding the Deuce or the SDX with just a 24 hour residential pass is not considered technically correct (Only locals with a local ID can do that), Hammie rode 4 times his last trip and was never asked to show his local ID.

There is no gray area around buying a 30 day all access pass. That is good on any bus, any time, and with the senior ID you get one for $30, just what you will pay to ride the Deuce/SDX for 4 days on 24 hour passes.

Neither the 5 day passes, nor the 30 day passes are sold anyplace except the BTC and a bunch of vendors who generally are no where around tourists. However, if you want two at a time or to buy one for a future trip, then you must buy the unactivated passes from a vendor.  If you buy them at the BTC or in a machine at the SSTT, they will be activated at the time of purchase.
Here are the vendor locations

Most tourists I know use the Walgreen's downtown or the Albertson's or Walgreen's near Flamingo and Maryland that can be accessed on the 109 from the airport.

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