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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am not giving up completely, but the new changes in Vegas busing make older posts on this blog very dated.  At best it might give a traveler an idea of how to use the bus, but s/he would have to ask if such a ride could still be possible.

At the same time, there are some patterns that seem to be emerging since November of last year, especially around the WAX, and since information is so scattered, here are some board discussions of bus information that might yield some sense of what is currently possible.

Here is the schedule for the WAX:

Here are some threads that seem to add information to the new routes.

added Feb. 24, 2011 = Latest on WAX.  You can see I am all questions.

This post includes the only reference to luggage on the Deuce or Goldline
I also have a friend who goes with a small traveling bag.  I have too much luggage to make this practical, but I can get my luggage on any other bus and expect to be able to take it on the new Downtown Express even if I board at Tropicana and LN Blvd.

Added March 2011

Another route that looks like it would allow access to the strip with luggage is the  Centenial Express which has one stop near the North strip on Spring Mountain or Sands road and also one that does not look too far from Flamingo on Howard Hughes Avenue.  However, I don't yet know the parking.

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