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Saturday, November 6, 2010

we are not confused alone

I am in Vegas just now and happy to have put off trying to determine how the buses work.
I have asked this question of bus drivers and other folks, but I have not gone to the new BTC yet and asked or tried to call.
Here is my question:

So as a senior I can buy a 24 hour pass on the 202 for $2.
There is no upcharge.
Will the Deuce accept this pass?

No one seems to know.

At the end of my trip I'll be downtown with a 24 hour pass and I'll just take a Deuce ride to find out.
However, I don't want to spend a trip I planned particulary to not depend on buses during the transition asking questions and finding out information which in a month will most certainly change.
One board poster here thought the BTC had too much work to be done yet to be ready.

I do know that there is a continued erosion of the buses on Flamingo so that soon they will not go as far and will not go as often, coming at the times I need them most only every hour.  I think I will satisfy this issue on my trip next May by printing a 202 schedule of just the times that bus will be at Las Vegas Boulevard and another when it will be at Super 8.

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  1. I was in LV November 9-13 and I had occasion to ride the bus on several occasions. Mr. Dewey has my permission to quote and edit me for redistribution as he sees fit. Here are my brief comments on my experiences:

    * I'm not a senior. :(
    * I bought the 3-day pass online for $15.
    * The exact routes I rode:

    202: Rio to Terrible's
    202: Terrible's to Caesars
    SDX: Fremont St. to Bellagio
    202: Caesars to Rio
    202: Rio to Bally's
    SDX: Paris to Fremont St.
    Deuce: Fremont St. to BTC
    109: BTC to McCarran

    * No one every checked my pass, which I validated on the first Flamingo run.
    * My runs on the 202 were all in the morning, except from CP to the Rio. None of the morning buses were crowded, the afternoon one was more crowded because it was late in coming.
    * I ran the SDX south in the afternoon near sunset. Standing room only all the way and slow due to traffic issues on LV Blvd. It DID NOT hook on St. Louis to the Convention Center; it went straight down the Strip, stopping at the Strat, near Sahara, and the infamous CC/SAF stop.
    * I took the SDX north around 11:30. I was switching hotels & intended to take the Deuce. The SDX came first and to my delight had plenty of seats. This one did go toward the Convention Center.
    * I rode the Deuce and the 109 early Saturday morning (3:30-4:30 AM). The Deuce wasn't very crowded, of course. The BTC is two stops away from Fremont & LV Blvd (Clark St. is first). It's a quick ride.
    * The BTC is as close as the 109 comes to the downtown casinos under its new routing.
    * The 109 wasn't very busy either, but several people got off at the airport. Usually there's just a few people that get off there.
    * The BTC looks nice, mainly because it's new. It's well lit. You really need a score card to figure out which buses stop where since the bay numbers and routes are hard to read from a distance. Some hints: The Deuce southbound stops on Casino Center on the east side of the BTC. The SDX southbound also stops on Casino Center, close to Garces. The SDX and Deuce northbound share a stop on Garces & Casino Center, across the street from the BTC. The 108 southbound leaves out of Bay 20, which is the southernmost bay on Garces. The 109 has two bays - 15 and 16 - next to each other. They're near Casino Center.


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