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Friday, July 2, 2010

Proposed fare adjustment as it affects seniors

If the new fare adjustment goes into effect with the reduced 24 hour all access for seniors, that will give seniors a reduced fare on the 24 hour all access pass.  Currently we pay full price.
That will mean the strategy of stretching two days of 24 hour passes into the needs of 3 days of travel will be possible again.  The 3 day pass over three days would save just 50, so buying as needed makes sense to me because I may or may not use the pass everyday and even with 3 days of bus travel, often two passes cover my needs if Day one starts in late afternoon.

Day one -  Buy 24 hour all access at 5 PM to go from downtown to strip or vice versa
Day two -  Use the pass before 5PM for same trip the next day.  On the return visit at 3 am in the morning of the Day three, buy the second 24 hour pass.
Day three- The second 24 hour pass will still be good to go out and come back as long as I return before 3 am on Day four.

The key is to make the poker paying time away from the hotel not reduce the value of the bus pass.  I have no chance of doing that with the 3 day pass as the time keeps ticking. Using up one pass and then having a break of hours before buying the next gives me more time for the money.

And while I would not change my plans to save $3.50, it is a good bet that more than one time out of seven two passes will meet my desired times over three days, or that I will go one day and skip the next.  So the bet on 24 hour reduced fare is the better bet with the added advantage that there is no chance of accidentally losing a three day pass on the first day.

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