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Monday, May 3, 2010

April 2010

The first thing I learned was that the Deuce route is back in operation as it was before the ACE.  I guess there was a good bit of complaint.  Also the ACE has plenty of riders so perhaps having both buses go downtown is not an issue.

It does mean the Palace Station was cut out of the route.  Too bad.  That Sahara bus takes a while to get up to the Palace Station.

I planned a trip without much reliance on buses because of all the changes, but here is what I did experience.

I liked the ACE.  I rode it on Saturday night to downtown and it was fast and easy and there were plenty of buses coming every few minutes.  The seats in the back were very comfortable and jumping on that back door a quick and easy way to grab the bus.
The machines to buy the tickets proved easy as well once I learned that the machines to buy Deuce tickets are not meant to take senior citizen passes.  I put mine in the machine and it was stuck.  I had to retrieve it the following day. 
Once I used the correct machine I had no trouble, and unlike the old machines in the DTC these are very easy to read, bright lettering.  I also like the video schedule posted right along side the ticket machine.
I was only checked for my ticket once.  I know some on the bus did not have them.  Some watched to see if the checkers were getting on the bus and exited in the rear so as to avoid them.  One local said it was not usual to be checked on a busy Saturday night.
I also overheard that most folks who have an incorrect ticket are still given one chance to go to their destination.  It is a time of learning.
I liked not always having to show a ticket, but I want to find a way to carry the ticket in an easy place so when I am checked I do not have to fish for my wallet.  I think I'll buy a small protective sleeve and keep it in my shirt pocket.
The regularity of the bus made it easy to hop on and off.  I got off at Sahara just to play a matchplay and did not have a long wait for my ride to downtown.
I enjoyed watching this vehicle turn a corner.  It has a huge circular swivel  just before the back section.
I can also see that some luggage would be fine to carry.  I carry a huge suitcase and that would be too much, but many people had shopping bags from their shopping so luggage that fit in a shopping bag would easily be transported  Light packers can use the ACE to hop from strip hotel to strip hotel.
I rode the Flamingo to Swenson and then the 108 to downtown with my luggage and had not trouble.  I stayed at Flamingo and then stayed downtown.  It was an easy journey.  I got off at the DTC.  I don't think the 108 drops near the Walgreen's anymore.  By the time I return to Vegas the new DTC will most likely be open and everything will be different again. 

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