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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Great First Day Review of the ACE

Vegas Rex rode the first day of operation, March 28, 2010

Great review as is always true of Vegas Rex

You can tell what he likes and why and what he doesn't like as well.
I have decided to bring a necklace that will hold my ticket so as not to have all the shuffling about.
I noted that some of the seats face backwards.  In those cases even light luggage would be an issue as it could not fit between me and a seatback.

I'd like to see a post on which stops are safe and which are not.  I'll have to start a thread.
And perhaps I'll comment on Vegas Rex site.
He did mention that the Stratosphere busstop is really not safe.

I love it that the windows are not wrapped.  We will be able to see.
I had not really dawned on me that we  could board at multiple doors because we just need to carry our passes and show them to the conductor.
Rex worried that the conductor's passing to check tickets would be a hassle during crowded times.  I have been on the Deuce when we did not have to show our tickets but just get on.  I can imagine that during any really crowded times they won't check the tickets.

I am also excited to hear how central the stop is for downtown.  Casino Center Blvd and Freemont gives us a fine location from which to head to the strip from downtown.

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